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First Antelope Hunt and Can Use Advice
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elvspec 31-Aug-15
prairie 31-Aug-15
From: elvspec
Reposting this cause I really could use some advice.

I've decided to add some excitement to my 50th birthday year and head out west to try for an antelope.

I'm gonna try South Dakota since the tags are cheap and available, and based on research and talking to the wildlife folks there they have a decent herd.

Looking for any advice and insight on what to look for and what I can expect in terms of number of shot opportunities I might get. I see a lot of folks that drive until they spot an animal then get out and stalk it. Is this typical or should I just do a bunch of walking?

This'll be d.i.y. on public walk-in areas and national grasslands concentrating on Fall River county.

I've got back country experience as I lived in Colorado for 9 years, and I've toured around South Dakota in my younger days by motorcycle so I'm familiar with the terrain. Just never hunted for antelope.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

From: prairie
check your pm

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