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First Wyoming Pronghorn
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BO-N-ARO 02-Sep-15
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BO-N-ARO 03-Sep-15
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From: BO-N-ARO

BO-N-ARO's embedded Photo
BO-N-ARO's embedded Photo
Killed my first bow pronghorn while hunting with Table Mountain Outfitters, north of Douglas Wyoming this past week. It was the second day of my four day hunt and shot him at high noon at 18 yards hunting a popup by a waterhole. I had seen between 150 to 200 pronghorn the first day, along with 25 to 30 mule deer, and passed on three bucks. With the cloudy cool wet weather moving in I could not pass this one. I was hunting with three others, one buddy shot a nice one three hours into the first day. Another buddy shot his after sunset the second day. My son-in-law made his first bow kill the forth day after spending 42 hours in the stand. Table Mountain runs a top notch hunt with comfortable housing and great food.

he looks like a good pronghorn .... how many inches?

mounting him ?

From: midwest
Congrats! Sounds like a good time with good friends and family.

From: r-man
wow, great buck.. how close are those tips...

Way to go BO-N-ARO! TMO was a great hunt. We met your group at the bunkhouse on the deck (the 2 Iowa guys)..

From: BO-N-ARO
Thanks all! Have not put a tape on him but I think he will go 13 or more. Tips are probably 6 or so. Yes, I am mounting him. I will be fleshing him this weekend with the other three in my group. I have the horns in a black plastic bag hanging outside in the 95 degree sun... Hopefully the horns will pop off this weekend. It was good to meet you ArcheryHunter!!

From: Bowboy
Congrats on a good buck!

From: t-roy
Congrats on your success!

From: Pope125
Congrats !!

From: drycreek
Congrats ! I leave for Wyo next Friday. Can't wait to get my speed goat fix !

That's a nice one !

From: cityhunter
good going

From: Zackman
Excellent! Congrats on a beautiful antelope

From: deerhaven
Nice!! Congrats!

Very nice! Pronghorns are so much fun! Enjoy! C

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