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HSUS sign
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From: Brown E

Brown E's embedded Photo
Brown E's embedded Photo
I came across this HSUS sign in far SW South Dakota while pronghorn hunting. This small area is surrounded by National Grasslands and Walk In Area. Anyone see this before?

From: JTV
HSUS is in the process of buying up land to keep hunters and sportsmen out....there are also lands donated to the fools by members of their "organization"...

From: t-roy
"The Nature Conservancy" comes to mind too.

At least they're purchasing land for conservation instead of spending it on attorney fees. Animals wander on and off that land. It's their money. I say buy it up. It does us a lot more good on land than it does in the courts buggering up management.

The future of western big game and big game hunting lies in the lands the animals live on. Once all the big ranches are broken into ranchettes, then the ranchettes are broken into subdivisions, there's no getting it back.

From: JLS
The Nature Conservancy allows a lot of hunting on their properties. Some of them are very good.

It is rampant. There are so many groups doing this.

There are even groups doing this on public land. they just use a different disguise. Sierra club, Wilderness coalition, etc.... Be very mindful of any group, whether they say they are friends to hunting or not, that collaborates with KNOWN enemies of hunting to designate publically owned, federally managed land.

They get the land designated into away from public property, (National Forest) which takes public control away from the public, to some other designation like Wilderness, National Monument, or Back Country. The next time the management plan is up for revision, they get what they want because the lands are no longer controlled by the public. They lobby representatives with their deep pocket money to slowly erode our hunting rights on these properties. Congress becomes the managers with any type of land designation. It is federal law!!!!!!.

This is usually a multiple step process but, it starts with a clean water proposition most times. But, they will use any proposition or "idea" to keep the lands for being managed for wildlife as their tool. And, once designated, these lands are never to be owned by the public again because it gives the government ownership to the property.

It is real. just like these groups buying up huge amounts of land country wide and doing the same thing with them as pictured above.

Fellas, we are under attack here by people that have HUGE amounts of money. and they are using the average sportsmen to fund their assault as well. Check the groups you are members of. See who they call their friends. See where they get their money. You will ind that many of them get grants and donations from the same people financing these assaults on our hunting freedoms.

It is that simple and, it is true. Do your homework as the fight is getting larger, they are getting stronger, and we sure don't want to help them. And, if you find that you are a member of a group that plays friends with these idiots on collaborations, with draw your dang membership. Because this is their new plan of attack. "If you can't beat them, let them join you in beating them is their motto". God bless

From: DC
Could have just put a sign?

What's funny is, HSUS probably didn't spend a penny on that land. It was probably donated by, or purchased with funds from a guy named Rudolf D. Roller who was a HSUS member and allowed a piece of land being preserved by him to have a sign with HSUS's name and phone number on it.

EDIT: Or one of his family members.

From: Beendare

Beendare's Link
Yeah, HSUS is the biggest scam going.

Less than 2% of their donations go to animal shelters...and it gets worse....more at this link

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