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Down to 5 days
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prezboys 07-Sep-15
sbschindler 07-Sep-15
t-roy 07-Sep-15
'Ike' (Phone) 07-Sep-15
jdee 07-Sep-15
SteveB 07-Sep-15
drycreek 07-Sep-15
standswittaknife 07-Sep-15
prezboys 07-Sep-15
redwillow 07-Sep-15
mixed bag 08-Sep-15
TEmbry 08-Sep-15
Mr.C 08-Sep-15
prezboys 12-Sep-15
From: prezboys
2 years in the making as Hunterdad and I are down to the last 5 days in waiting. Broadheads are sharpened, bags are packed. Gear has been shipped and received. Transporter is set to pick us up in Bethel AK. Jeff (Hunterdad) and I will be meeting up in Anchorage Sunday. This will be the 3 trip that we set up after meeting on Bowsite, actually all our trips have been to Alaska! This is not our first hunt for Moose as both of us have dandy Moose from B.C

So expectations are to do better than what we have and no meat or dork Bulls.....


From: sbschindler
good luck

From: t-roy
Good luck to you both. Stay safe & take lots of pics!

Safe travels and good luck...Be the arrow!

From: jdee
Not many places I'd rather be !! Good luck.

From: SteveB
Sounds like a blast safe and make some memories! We'll look forward to the stories and pics!

From: drycreek
Good luck and be safe !

Stay safe...! good luck and full report please. I fly out of Bethel next fall so it's particularly important for a report!

From: prezboys
Thanks guys for the great comments and wishes of luck. Hopefully we ave some good video and photos to share on our return Prez

From: redwillow
Good luck. Have fun!

From: mixed bag
good luck,I leave in 4 days for Ak

From: TEmbry
Flying in with Papa Bear I assume? Good luck fellas and can't wait to see how this one unfolds.

From: Mr.C
good luck to all!B safe MikeC I land in Bethel on the 10th

From: prezboys
OK last post, leaving tomorrow................

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