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MT Mountain Lion tag question
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Scoot 10-Sep-15
Bou'bound 10-Sep-15
houndy65 10-Sep-15
Mule Power 10-Sep-15
Gerald Martin 10-Sep-15
Gerald Martin 10-Sep-15
Scoot 10-Sep-15
Kingman82 11-Sep-15
TD 12-Sep-15
CCOVEY 11-Jan-16
From: Scoot
I was lucky enough to draw a MT mountain lion tag! I paid the $5 to apply and $20 for the bonus point, but I haven't bought/paid for the license. How, when, and where do I get the license? Can I get it now or should I wait? Is there a window of time to purchase it before I'd forfeit it? Thanks much for the help!

From: Bou'bound
Maybe the dnr could help you out

From: houndy65
You need to go into the FWP now and purchase the license. I gather you drew a tag in Region 1 or 2. If you have any questions feel free to get ahold of me.

Terry L. Zink

From: Mule Power
What he said... where at?

I think the deadline to purchase your tag is @ Feb. You should be able to go online at purchase it on the FWP website. It would be under the applications tab I think.

Good luck on your hunt. I'd be interested in knowing where you drew as well.

One thing to keep in mind is some of those draw units now have a male subquota that once filled, only allow you to shoot a female even though you have a limited tag. Hopefully, you have a flexible schedule and can hunt some of the early snows.


A little something from that country to get your excitement level up. :)

From: Scoot
It's NNW of Missoula a bit. My buddy's bro-in-law lives out there and has dogs. He loves to take newbies like me out there. I called the licensing folks at FWP in MT and they set me straight- I should have started there as Bou suggested. However, I knew there would be plenty of you who knew the scoop here! Thanks guys!

From: Kingman82

Kingman82's embedded Photo
Kingman82's embedded Photo
Here is my cat from 2 years ago in the cabinets. If you need a guide I can make recommendations. Lots of good cats across the state. Congrats on the tag!!!

From: TD
While I wouldn't stake my hunt on some of the information given on this site.... it sure is always fun to ask.... trust... but verify... =D

Good luck with your tag and your hunt.

When are the quotas typically filled by?

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