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cull hunts
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wcbarker 17-Sep-15
scndwfstlhntng 19-Sep-15
From: wcbarker
Has anyone ever done this? Will they allow any trophys on these hunt?? Would u do it again?? Who was the outfitter???

They are fun if you understand that the idea is to take the opportunity to shoot at/ kill a number of exotics at a very low price while you go to Africa and stay on a game ranch. These are not trophy animals, the meat is kept by the owner or PH, and you are not likely to want to bring back more than a skin or two ((if at all) unless there is something very unusual about it. The cost of just right out buying a skin already tanned is a fraction of what it ends up costing to having it processed and shipped back to the US. That said, it would be unlikely if you would not also be allowed to take whatever trophy animals were available for the proper trophy fee. Cull hunts do give you a chance to travel to a wonderful place and shoot and kill game. Just remember that it is the whole experience at a discounted price: but you have to have the stomach for it too.


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