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CA WSF Effort Noted By the NYT!
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Alternative energy projects are fragmenting the California desert and one proposed project in particular was threatening a critical travel desert bighorn sheep corridor.

The project, called Soda Mountain Solar, would be built by Bechtel, perhaps the largest privately owned construction company in the USA if not the world.

Last Spring I asked Drs. John Wehausen and Clint Epps, two highly competent experts on wild sheep in general and California's wild desert bighorn sheep in particular, if they could put together something on this project CA WSF could send out to newspapers and other media in CA and the desert southwest.

They responded by writing an op-ed piece, which we then sent out, along with other information, to over 600 media sources. Several papers in CA, including the LA Times ran their op-ed shortly thereafter. As a result, opposition to the project grew significantly and the City of Los Angeles pulled out of a contract they were planning to do with Bechtel that would have provided electricity to tens of thousands of homes. That alone cut Bechtel's planned production volume for the project by 30%

As a result, Bechtel cut back the size of the project substantially and opted not to build at all on the north side of I-15, which was a main focal point for us.

Last week The New York Times picked up on this and wrote the article at the link.

One tiny little group of sportsmen beat back a huge company, just because we knew we needed to at least try!!


I'm getting more than a little concerned about whether the NYT is going to lose their credentials as a whackadoodle liberal news source. The following op-ed also recently appeared:

If these submissions are not an anomoly, the NYT might be in danger of once again becoming credible!


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