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JHA September hunt
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huntinelk 18-Sep-15
CPAhunter 18-Sep-15
JR 18-Sep-15
From: huntinelk
Has anyone done the late Sept hunt with JHA? The hunt that starts around the 17th. Is there any reason that this wouldn't be a good time to bowhunt? Other than colder weather is there anything else to consider on this hunt vs earlier hunts?


From: CPAhunter
NO reason other than weather. I'd take the weather chances v. bugs in the late August hunts. The weather can be downright MISERABLE with blinding snow, 60 mph wind and torrential rain.

Now that I think about it, the earlier hunt may have odds for lighter winds conducive to bowhunting.....

By around the 10th of Sept the caribou are losing their velvet so consider whether you want a hard-horn or velvet trophy.

From: JR
going 17th next year. I just like hunting them hard hard horned but that's me. usually snows a little every day but normally 50 degrees by noon. You don't sweat as much bring out the meat. 52 weeks until my trip

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