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Where to go ?
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jtelarkin08 21-Sep-15
Foot Shooter 22-Sep-15
Elkaddict 13-Oct-15
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Shiloh 13-Oct-15
Rob Nye 14-Oct-15
This is a hunt I've always dreamt about.

It has to be with my bow. I'm not wanting an opportunity at an average bull, but a chance and area to take a nice bull with a reputable outfitter.

Once again, relying on Bowsite for suggestions and experience.

Thx in advance, Rich

From: bigeasygator

I'm thinking the same thing for next year and have the same questions. Are you thinking Alaskan or Canadian moose? I'm thinking Canadian. Seems to me the cheaper hunts are in Newfoundland but the more expensive hints and bigger bulls seem to come from BC. I know there are other places to go as well but these two provinces seem to have the most options.

From: Foot Shooter
I am going with Tuchodi River in Northhern BC next year, after working with Mark at BSC I decided this was the hunt I really wanted to go on. My final choices were between them and Denali hunts in AK. There are several people on the board that have hunted with them and I have heard nothing but good.

Good luck wherever you decide to go, I hope to be sharing lots of photos in October of 2016.

From: huntinelk
Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters, they have a good record and are very good people. I'm booked with them for 2018

From: NKS
I mirror what Foot Shooter said. I spoke at length with Mark @ BSC and I'm headed to Tuchodi in 2017.

From: jtelarkin08
I leave in 4 days to sikanni river outfitters in BC. We will see how it goes

From: Foot Shooter
Good luck on your trip! Jt

From: Elkaddict
Hey guys what did the Tuchodi hunt run for price? There website doesn't list. Thanks.

jtelarkin08 how was the hunt?

From: Elkguide27
My wife and I just returned from hunting Newfoundland for the first time as well. It was a incredible hunt we passed on over half dozen bulls and saw over 60 moose in 5 days. My wife shot a huge 47" 19 point bull at 38yrds and I shot a nice 35" 14 point bull as well. It was more than we ever imagined for our first moose hunt

From: bigeasygator
Elkguide27, you mind sharing who you hunted with?

From: Sage Buffalo
Elkguide congrats!!!

I had my fingers crossed for you!!!

From: Mule Power
Price range? If it's in your budget I would highly suggest Yukon Big Game Outfitters. That or Joe Shuster @ Sportsmans Air.

From: joshuaf
A friend from church goes somewhere in Ontario. Not high success on big bulls, but I think the hunts cost a fraction of what you'd spend in BC or Alaska. Not sure what a Newfie hunt costs these days.

From: Shiloh
Hey Mulepower, Did I miss your moose write up, or have you not posted it yet??

From: Rob Nye

Rob Nye's embedded Photo
Rob Nye's embedded Photo
Bullwinkle recently came to visit moose camp in far northern SK. PM me for details.

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