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A New Virus is Attacking Turkey
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Huntcell 20-Sep-15
APauls 20-Sep-15
tjsna 20-Sep-15
From: Huntcell

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First I heard about this _is_attacking_us_wild_turkey_populations

Copied link but does not come up with turkey page

Briefly Lymphoproliferative Disease Virus, known as LPDV, has been present in domestic turkeys in Europe and Israel for decades, but in the last few years, biologists have started confirming cases in wild turkeys in the eastern United States. Some of the infected birds have lesions on their head and feet, although many of the sick fowl are not symptomatic, making their identification difficult. “As far as what we’ve been finding in wild turkeys, this is the first detection in a non-domestic turkey host and the first detection in any host in North America,” he said. “I lean towards it being not a significant mortality factor on a population level, but I just don’t know at this point. It’s something that we can wait and see and hopefully get more information on in the future.”

From: APauls
Yikes, sounds almost as dangerous to turkeys as TBM

From: tjsna
Found one about six or seven years ago in central IL. that lesions and sores all over it's head. Strange to see a turkey still in the tree after 9 in the morning. It flew down into the field and acted really weird so I approached it and then seen the head all messed up--took that one out of the herd and buried it.

Spring time.

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