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suggestions for Texas hog hunt?
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mtnman54 20-Oct-15
Nick Muche 20-Oct-15
ki-ke 20-Oct-15
wild1 20-Oct-15
Buffalo1 20-Oct-15
Clutch 20-Oct-15
kentuckbowhnter 24-Nov-15
milnrick 24-Nov-15
Dino 26-Nov-15
From: mtnman54
looking for a good hog hunt in Texas. Like more of a do it yourself type. high fence ok. Just want to see good amount of pigs!

From: Nick Muche
Why not No Mercy just north in Oklahoma?

From: ki-ke
A group of us are hunting with Rob Kiebler at Fair Chase this January. Will let you know how we do.

From: wild1
You won't get a bad review from clients of Rob Kiebler's Fair Chase. He's got it all: lot's of critters, great accommodations and real good food.

From: Buffalo1
Diamond C Bowhunting Ranch Caddo, TX (70 west of Ft. Worth)

Talk with Skylar Stark- Owner/Guide 1-801-550-1525

From: Clutch
PM Forest about No Mercy in Ok.-- I had a good time there !!

double L ranch, south texas. bunk house is not the best but the hog hunting is good and you have to do your own cookin in the kitchen shack. bow hunting only operation. fully guided. its high fence but its hogs so it did not bother me. good three day hunt in the off season and the weather is usually good down there in the winter.

From: milnrick
Perdernal bowhunt - Jerry Gonzalez in Laredo TX for hogs and javelina; Cactus Creek Bowhunting - Bob or Bo Skelton in Nixon TX for hogs and exotics, or Brushy Hill Ranch - Pete Denney in Sabinal for hogs and javelina.

From: Dino
Go see Keebs!!! Rob Kiebler of Fair Chase. Been there twice, can't wait to go again. Great ranch, unbelievable host, tons of game. Rob is an unreal host and will accommodate the type of hunting you like to do. I wrote a big thread on here about his place at the Cinco Ranch. The thread is called 8 Alberta Texans... Let us know what you come up with.

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