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anyone ever try Dos Plumas?
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mtnman54 20-Oct-15
oldgoat 21-Oct-15
tobinsghost 21-Oct-15
mtnman54 24-Oct-15
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From: mtnman54
just wondering if anyone has tried Dos Plumas, and how did it go?

From: oldgoat
I know several guys from here in the Denver area go there and talk well about it!

From: tobinsghost
Been 4 years but i had a blast. Shot a nice ram and two hogs. Haven't gone back only because i now have access to a ranch for free.

From: mtnman54
saw a couple of bad reviews on them, which can happen to anyone., but it does make you nervous

Hunted the old ranch twice but never at the new location. I will say that it was a real good hunt both times. The bunkhouse was plenty good. But take your own sleeping bag. When we went, they weren't real good about changing out the bedding in between groups. But other than that, I'd have to give it an A- to B+ grade. Lots of hogs and other game.

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