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Sugar Valley Cougar Hunt
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lyons707 29-Oct-15
cambow 29-Oct-15
KTH 31-Oct-15
lyons707 31-Oct-15
longsprings 05-Jun-16
kota-man 05-Jun-16
Db1 05-Jun-16
glidingindian 17-Aug-16
Fuzzy 19-Aug-16
Beendare 19-Aug-16
From: lyons707
Just booked a cougar hunt with Scott Mackenzie of Sugar Valley Outfitters for January 2017. Booked thru Mark Buehrer of BSC, so I have complete faith, but was wondering if anyone had an experience with them. Thanks in advance for any info

From: cambow
I do. Shot my cougar with SVO on 12/12/13. Scored 14&7/16" and was 7 and 1/2' nose to tail, not sure on weight, but i could not lift the cat up by myself for that classic photo session. Not only does B.C. have big cats, but this outfitter is one of the absolute best, and runs nearly 100% kills.

From: KTH

KTH's embedded Photo
KTH's embedded Photo
Scott is a great guy. You'll have a blast! Good choice!

From: lyons707
Cool, thanks cambow and KTH

From: longsprings
You have made a great choice, I hunted with scott and jody,they treat you like family and scott works very hard for you.

From: kota-man
I hunted moose with Scott and Sean last fall. Great outfit. Great area.

From: Db1
I've hunted with Scott but not for cats.. I hear he has it dialed in and has great dogs. You'll have a good trip. Give a report when back

Kota- man. Sent you a pm

From: Fuzzy
this is on my "wanta" list

From: Beendare
Scott is a great guy...bear hunted with him decades ago when he first got started.

I bounced an arrow off the shoulder of a big boar walking up a skid road to us....the bear turned right as i released...the arrow literally bounced out. I think he saw the sun shining off the windshield of the truck parked right in the middle of the road behind us.

I can't remember 1/2 of the bears I've shot...but that one I can picture like it was yesterday.

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