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Hog Hunting in Michigan
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G5 29-Oct-15
Ollie 29-Oct-15
Mike Vines 29-Oct-15
drycreek 29-Oct-15
buckhammer 29-Oct-15
habu john 29-Oct-15
From: G5
Hello, I live MA. I want to hunt bow with a recurve in MI. I have harvested deer, but never a hog with a bow. I don't do can shoots or bait. I want to meet the animal on its terms. Its how I have always hunted and I have done well. I am looking for a farmer, or someone who likes to share their sport. I would rather work out a deal with an individual than dump a bunch of money into a can shoot.

I read that MI has no bag limit so obviously there is no shortage or reason to hunt in any other way.

Can anyone help me out and point me in the right direction?

Thank you.


From: Ollie
Michigan does not have free roaming feral pigs. The only feral pigs that you might find are on game preserves with secure fencing. If you want to hunt free roaming pigs you need to travel to east Tennessee or better yet to Georgia or South Carolina where wild pigs are more numerous.

From: Mike Vines
I'm from Michigan, and quite a few guys say they "Know" somebody who shot one. It just seems nobody can find that "Somebody".

The Michigan DNR has a link on their website that is supposed to have an up to date list of confirmed sightings of these free ranging hogs, along with landowner into for the area.

Honestly, I got extremely frustrated with the entire system chasing false leads and out of date data, or made up statistics just to justify the State spending more money. I gave up the exhaustive search and just went to Meijer for some ham and chops.

Good luck if you do attempt the challenge, and PLEASE, let us know if you get one, so we will know WHO did.


From: drycreek
I can't tell you anything about Michigan, but I can tell you about free range hogs in Texas. If you're gonna hunt them on their terms, you have a tough row to hoe. Ruling out bait, they are a catch as catch can animal. They are here today and gone tomorrow, so good luck.

From: buckhammer
The only hog hunting that takes place in MI is at 1:45 a.m. when the bartender announces last call.

There are few if any free ranging hogs in MI.

From: habu john
I am not sure that there are no free ranging hogs in Michigan, at least in the Yooper. I had several tearing up the sod on the gas pipeline in late August this summer. I am not sure where they came from but they were seen several times before they moved on. I did try to set up for them once but no luck.

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