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Javelina in the spring or summer
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From: coyote
Anyone recommend somewhere to go for a spring or summer javelina hunt ? Summer may not be such a hot idea ( no pun intended ) - as it could be too hot (?). Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, or (?)

Perhaps direct me to at least a state where, if there is a license requirement, the tags at over the counter (?)

Thanks in advance

From: Troy
if Texas go late January, Feb, or March. OTC license for small game.

South Texas. Someone will have an outfitter.

From: Buffalo1
I would suggest checking the states you have interest hunting for possible seasons and bag limits.

From: White Falcon

White Falcon's embedded Photo
White Falcon's embedded Photo
Look up, "' Great hunt!

From: Heat
Arizona's spring hunt is actually in January. Archery hunts start Jan 1. The draw deadline has passed but there is always a ton of tags leftover after the draw. If you want more of a spot and stalk style hunt rather than a hunt over a corn pile look at Arizona, otherwise Texas has a lot more javelina.

From: bghunter
Rob with fair chase in Texas. Do a search you will find nothing but positive.

From: Ken
You can hunt South Texas year round for javelina. North Texas season is Oct-Feb. I prefer Feb and March because deer season is over and the weather is usually decent in late winter. Also, most outfitters don't do javelina hunts during deer season.

South Texas weather is hot in the summer.

From: INbowdude
I second bchunters recommendation. Rob is a great guy who will do you right.

From: wild1
Yep, Rob Kiebler, Fair Chase Ltd.

Try (972)523-5621 or (817) 270-3337

From: Huntcell
There you have it the search is over ROB it is! Javalinas everwhere >>>>-------->

From: razorsharp
Rob is the real deal!

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