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Barefoot 09-Nov-15
Drahthaar 09-Nov-15
safari 10-Nov-15
Barefoot 11-Nov-15
jstephens61 11-Nov-15
From: Barefoot
As you all know its very dry here in South Africa at the moment, we at Barefoot safaris will need to take off some animals, will there be some guys that will be interested in a late African Bow and Arrow hunt?

Its mainly older cows that need to be shot Kudu $500 gemsbuck $1000 Blue wildebeest $300 and waterbuck $300, even some zebra $600

Daily rates only $150 per day per hunter end off Nov to beginning of December

if you are interested please drop me a mail

From: Drahthaar
Reon, good offer. Forrest

From: safari
I know the site we are on but if culling why not rifle?

From: Barefoot
My property is bow only, I will not let guys hunt there with rifle, next year the animals still need to be hunted by bowhunters, and if you start to cull animals with a rifle the hunt next year will not be that good..

From: jstephens61
Believe me, you will not have any trouble getting the shots or culling the animals. Sit the elevated blind for wildebeest and leopard blind for zebra.

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