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Stopping coyotes
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bearhunter 12-Nov-15
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From: bearhunter
Trying to get a coyote with my bow. Usihg double trouble with decoy on top. Call in lots but cant get them to stop long enough to get a shot. Any ideas. Tks

From: t-roy
Try barking at them. A short quick bark will usually stop them for a few seconds.

I would be at full draw before you bark, though. Good luck!

From: drycreek
Barking has usually done it for me. I've even had the second one stop after I killed the first one with a rifle. This has happened several times. But, I think with a bow, I would try a lip squeak first. As t-roy says, be ready to shoot, 'cause he IS gonna know exactly where you are as soon as you make any noise.

From: LINK
Troy has it, and like he said you must be drawn before barking.

From: LongbowLes

From: Glunt@work
I rifle hunt them a lot and just do a high pitch "whoop" that works really well. Its sketchy making any sound inside bow range.

From: Pat Lefemine

Pat Lefemine's MOBILE embedded Photo
Pat Lefemine's MOBILE embedded Photo

Look closely at my rifle. You'll see a green bulb which is a flat bottom squeaker mounted to my gun (right where I rest my fingers) using Velcro tape. We never hunt predators without it.

When you want to stop him, just press the squeaker. They stop and look every time. Bang-dead dog. Barking by mouth disrupts your aim. Our technique never requires a distraction from your aim.

You can mount it to your bow too and it will stop a deer as well. Magic.

I shot this triple by shooting and squeeking. Dusted 3 dogs in one set.

Another trick is to lose the decoy and make them look for source of the sound. I rarely use dekes any more.

I'd ask BOWUNTR.....he's arrowed more coyotes with a stick and string than anyone I know (over 50).

From: bearhunter
Thats a good idea Pat. Ill try that i just need to find one of those squeekers. My next move was to try without the decoy. Tks

From: bearhunter
Thats a good idea Pat. Ill try that i just need to find one of those squeekers. My next move was to try without the decoy. Tks

From: Jack Harris
well since I am now a qualified expert coyote slayer with the bow :) I feel I should comment... If they are walking just put your pin on it's head and release - you will hit them somewhere they aren't hard to kill.. Worked for me at 40 yards... I am two for two on predators with the little green mouse squeaker this year... A red fox (neighbor's request - eating his chickens and I called him in from 150 yards and did the reverse of a texas heart shot hitting between the eyes at 25 yards), and the Coyote earlier this week. Good luck, and I was just kidding, I have taken two coyotes in my life with the bow, it was pretty cool but no where near as thrilling as shooting a nice buck. More of a necessary "chore" to help the deer herd although I am doing a full mount...

From: Beendare
I think I set the record in Kansas one year for most coyote missed in a 3 day period.....I could call in 15 a day without much effort.

Get them stopped too....but not long enough for them to still be there when the arrow got there.

I think Jacks, 'shoot them moving' is the best idea


BOWUNTR's embedded Photo
BOWUNTR's embedded Photo
Your decoy is the problem IMO... they come in too fast. I don't use a decoy. If you are using an e-caller, set up in an area with some cover and hide the caller in a bush at 20 yards where you want to shoot. He'll come in and stop right at or near the bush. If you are using a hand call, quit calling when you see him coming and lip squeak every time he loses interest or changes direction. Barking works... sometimes. If they know something is wrong and are leaving.... a bark will make them run faster. These are just a few of the tactics I use. There's a thousand things that can go wrong when hunting coyotes with a bow. I try to get the odds in my favor. Stand by... it's addicting. Here's one I shot the other day. Ed F

From: Ole Coyote
I use an electric caller and hang hotdeer sent pad next to it on a thin stick , whe yote gets close i move the stick by attaching monofilament and running the mono back to the hide, work great just be gentle with the movement when pulling on the mono , very slowly as to get attention not fas as to scare the heck out of the yote!

Personally, I take my war against the yote to personal to trust anything less than a 5.56 Ruger. The 243 Winchester really is a better choice for wind though. :^) If the bow is that important to you, you can always flank them with the 243 and, run up and stick 'em at close range. Works every single time. :^)

Seriously, get drawn and bark at them with your mouth. Be ready to shoot. And, be ready for them to react to the string. Good luck.

I still like the 243 better though. :^) They can't duck that one. God Bless

From: Z Barebow

Z Barebow's Link
I will shoot one with a bow when I get a chance, problem is chances don't come very often.

Attached is the preferred approach.

From: Mark Watkins
Great info guys!!!

Thank you!


From: Heat
Hand kiss works! I've had them slam on the breaks many times with that sound. I agree that the little mouse squeekers are really good too. Trouble with the hand kiss is getting back on the string with your free hand. Can be too much movement but if that gets you busted good luck drawing your bow. Getting them to stop has never been a problem but drawing after squeeking at them always has been. If you can get the bow drawn, then squeek at them it might work.

From: r-man
say wwoooofff , or use bait

From: Zbone
Pat ain't giving up his squeaker source... Too funny...8^)

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