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Armadillo Problem- Help!!!!
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From: Buffalo1
I am always amazed at the wide range of knowledge, wisdom, experience and BS that abounds this website. I have seen hunting, auto, medical, financial, insurance protection problems and issues resolved and solved amongst us.

So here is my dilemma, I discovered today that my neighbor's armadillo has left their yard and has dug a hole under my fence is not denning in my yard. How can I get rid of armadillos other than trapping? Can I put anything in the den to kill them or get them to leave?

Would igniting about 2 wasp grenades and dropping them in the den and covering the entrance kill them?

Nothing a .22 cant fix :)

They usually get active at dusk. Their eyesight is very poor. It's pretty easy to sneak up on them & kill with an axe or machete. Be careful handling the carcasses. They are known to carry leporasy bacteria. Rotten eggs work as bait.

From: Tndeer
agree with the above... if you don't want to kill it, you could probably just throw a box over it and slide plywood under it. Personally, I would set a chair up and snipe that MFer. BTW, the colder it gets, the less active they are so its best to strike while the iron is hot.

From: LINK
I've caught several by placing an empty box trap on a trail. Just put one against the fence where the come under.

From: Fuzzy
They do carry a variety of leprosy (which is a fungal disease, not a bacteria or virus) but it's no real risk to humans.

I agree with the "shoot it" crowd. If it's a nuisance animal, no reason to put up with it.

From: dm/wolfskin

dm/wolfskin's embedded Photo
dm/wolfskin's embedded Photo
I take them out when giving the chance.

From: t-roy
If you do shoot him, don't do it in August in Oklahoma. Also don't let it run under your mobile home after you assumed you missed it!

They have very poor eyesight but excellent sense of smell.

From: GF
Lutefisk. Drives 'em right out.

wait for it...

From: drycreek
If you know he's in the den Greg, pour a gallon of gasoline in and cover the hole. Dead and buried. That's for town dillers.

Now for country dillers, just ad lib ! I usually let my Jack Russell run them off. It doesn't hurt them, and he gets lots of satisfaction out of it.

From: bad karma
I used to catch them as a kid. Get in front of them, and they'll walk close enough to you that you can outrun them and catch them by the tail.

How do they taste?

From: drycreek
I've never been hungry enough or brave enough to eat one Ike, but I saw one skinned ( de-hulled ? ) once and I didn't know what it was until I asked. It looked like a dumbbell made out of pink flesh. Fellow said it was good, but I just took his word for it. :)

From: willliamtell

You prefaced this by writing 'your neighbor's armadillo'. As in pet? If so, can you get said neighbor to take care of the nuisance critter him(or her) self?

How deep do they dig? If fairly shallow, can you trench on the fenceline and bury some heavy gauge wire?(or better yet have the neighbor do it). A slow animal like that seems tailor made to give a dog something to do, like harass it off your property.

Not a SW resident, so not very familiar with the species. Aside from digging holes and carrying leprosy, what else is wrong with them (I know, does there need to be anything else)?

From: DC
You said you have a fenced in yard, right. So get some friends and have a few drinks. Set up two goals on each end of the yard. Wait for dillo to appear and quickly cover the hole. Now the game begins. Each team will try to kick the dillo into the opponents goal. First team to kick the dillo into the opposing teams goal wins. Winning team gets to shoot the thing. Losing team has to clean and cook it. Make sure you get it on video and post here.

From: Clutch
Buy a couple of gallons of RED PEPPER n sprinkle where they been digging --

From: Thornton
Red pepper will make them dig somewhere else. Only way to solve the problem is shoot it. Here in KS, they are seen quite frequently now. I killed 7 on or near my farm a few years ago. I missed one in the bean field and he ran in his hole. Spotting his tail hanging out, I fired my M1A through a foot of dirt and killed him.

From: Genesis
I know from last year that 3 1/2" Black Clouds,.454,45,.40 and 9mm all work.

At night use a light and you can walk up to point blank range if you move when they dig and stop when they look up.....they easy....

Shooting them with arrows is expensive

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