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Buffalo1 16-Nov-15
Chief 419 17-Nov-15
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From: PREZ
Anyone from Bowsite heading to Limcroma the first week of July 16'... I will be their with 3 of my bowhunting friends. My first trip to Africa ...can't wait.

From: t-roy
Awesome place! Was there 2nd week of July this past year with my wife & met up with some fellow Bowsiters while we were there. (see L39 Goes to the Dark Continent)

You are in for a treat!

From: Buffalo1
Never hunted with Limcroma, but I know you will be hunting with a very reputable outfitter and during a very favorable moon.

Make sure you review the "things I would do different" thread listed under the Africa icon. There is a wealth of advise in that thread.

Wishing you a very memorable adventure.

From: Chief 419
I hunted with Limcroma in 2012. You're in for a great trip. Bring a good camera and take plenty of pictures. Let the arrows fly and worry about the cost later.

From: Firehuntfish
Hello Steve,

I assume from that last post that you guys were finally able to make some plans with Limcroma?

Awesome! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with prepping for your trip.

Regards, Dan

From: JW
You're in for an awesome adventure! Limcroma is top notch!

From: PREZ
I will be in touch Dan...Thanks for your help. Thanks everyone else for your replies.

From: Toby
Great place to hunt I was there in 2012 and had a fantastic trip. first class outfitter all the way

From: swatmedic

Hunted with Limcroma in 2013. It was my 3rd trip to Africa and my first with Limcroma... These guys are the real deal for bow hunting. They are absolutely dialed in when it comes to the set ups, blind location, construction, wind & sun direction, and use of trail cams etc...

This is the only outfit in Africa that I have hunted with where the guides are actually bow hunters themselves. They actually listened to me when I expressed my expectations and goals for the hunt. When they plan a strategy or pick a location to hunt, you can bet they know what they are doing.

Everything is top notch from the logistics, to the lodge to the food. Very impressive....! You will have a great time! Take lots of photos!

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