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Shiloh Ranch - Thanks Matt & Cheryl
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Pass-through 2 22-Nov-15
John Ryan 22-Nov-15
drycreek 22-Nov-15
INbowdude 23-Nov-15
bad karma 23-Nov-15
Fuzzy 23-Nov-15
Pass-through 2 23-Nov-15

Pass-through 2's embedded Photo
Pass-through 2's embedded Photo
Just got done hunting the Shiloh Ranch for the first time with Matt & Cheryl and I couldn't thank them enough for the hospitality and great time they afforded me and the other 4 fellas in our group! If you haven't hunted with them before you need to give them a look, you won't regret it.

From: John Ryan
Very nice hog, and good people. I've killed quite a few down there.

From: drycreek
Nice hog ! How much did he weigh ?

From: INbowdude

From: bad karma
There's a happy fellow. Another Shiloh Ranch frequent flier in the making. Congrats.

From: Fuzzy
:) love that place :)

Yep - the place is amazing and myself and the group will be back! We went 5 for 5 on some big hogs! I can't wait to go back!

Jason, congratulations to you and the rest of the gang on taking some fine hogs! Thanks for choosing to hunt with us at Shiloh. We enjoyed getting to share our camp with y'all and look forward to doing it again.

Matt and Cheryl

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