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Fulldraw1972 27-Nov-15
HuntHard 27-Nov-15
r-man 28-Nov-15
craig@work 28-Nov-15
t-roy 28-Nov-15
Fulldraw1972 28-Nov-15
From: Fulldraw1972
Who has started calling predators? After my great hunt I had in Nov with Ike, Chuck and Travis I haven't thought much about bowhunting. I have been hunting predators hard though. So far this year there are 5 less song dogs to raise havok on fawns next year.

Pat are you doing your annual Kansas hunt again this year?

From: HuntHard
Waiting for another deer to put in the freezer but yeah as soon as that happens its on with the yotes.

From: r-man
0 , not even seeing tracks , first season with not even a sighting . took two in the summer. Just seeing fox , daily , I seldom bother with them.

From: craig@work
Shot 2 last Friday. Hope to get more

From: t-roy
Just had 2 different yotes mess up my hunt this evening. Couldn't get either one to respond to lip squeaks. Took a 70 yard shot at one of em.


From: Fulldraw1972
I did 3 sets today. First set called in a single male. So no harm done to the factory. However he is no longer with us.

I actually seen 4 really good bucks today while coyote hunting. A 3.5 year old 8 pointer. A big mature site 10 pointer. On my second set some deer hunters chased a nice mature 10 pointer right to me. I have a feeling that's why I didn't see any coyotes on that set. On my last set a nice 10 pointer cane out if the draw looking for does.

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