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Central NL shipping
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Doubleforky 28-Nov-15
Chip T. 28-Nov-15
Doubleforky 11-Dec-15
newfiearcher 01-Jan-16
From: Doubleforky
Just wondering if anyone has received their meat shipments yet, if not when were you told it would ship. I was told it would ship late October to early November but that sounded a little early to me from what I've read. I tried calling a few days ago but it went to voice mail.

From: Chip T.
Usually it is in December

From: Doubleforky
Just picked up my meat, I'm a little disappointed. Packed out over 300 lbs of meat and they shipped me only about 60 lbs. Driving to NL wasn't an option, surprised I didn't get more back.

From: newfiearcher
Doubleforky, did you confirm that your outfitter delivered more boxes to CNL Shipping? I've used CNL about six times and always received what the outfitter sent.

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