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Can we start a petition to get tthomas back on bowsite?

From: Mark Watkins
I second the motion!!!

Besides being a great father, businessman and bowhunter, Tom is a great teacher and resource to our lifestyle.

Thank you for all the help you've given me over the years Tom....would love to see you back on Bowsite!


From: loopmtz

Yep, a true ambassador for BOW HUNTING! So generous to so many Bowsiters. We seem to lose some of our most valuable posters from time to time because they grow weary of abuse.

He was driven off by someone using the word "elitist" to describe him which in my book is a word used in bow hunting circles when someone has LOST an argument. His "crime" was believing Bowsite was for bow hunters.

In other conversations people will throw out words like racist with the same intention. It's thrown out to end conversation. I realize the Internet requires thick skin but when guys get misinterpreted as to their life's work/passion I can understand! C

From: GhostBird
Tom is a valuable asset to bowhunting.

Hope he comes back and shares his knowledge.

It's the internet... the good, the bad, and the ugly!

From: kellyharris
It's sad I was talking to a guy who owned an archery shop in Chilicothee, Oh several years back. He was making me new strings for my Alaskan hunt with BlacktailBobs cabin in POW.

I asked him if he ever got on Bowsite he looked at me and said you mean!

I said it isn't all that bad he laughed and said yeh Kelly it is.

To many awesome people have left this site because of a few smartass's. Who in fact most likely don't have the balls to be that rude face to face.

I always enjoyed his post. True class act.

Hell even SerbianShark doesn't get on here due to all the infighting....

From: NvaGvUp
Ya'll can see Tom live and in-person at The Sheep Show in Reno, January 21-23.

Tom's Chair of the Ram Awards breakfast on Friday and he's really dong a fantastic job innovating and bring new ideas to the table. So you can see him there.

In addition, his son, Adam, will be our featured speaker at the Life Member Breakfast. As you may recall, Tom was our speaker last year and did an incredible job. So now Adam's challenge is to one-up his dad.

Should be fun!

From: Bou'bound
Come on back tom the site is better for having you on it.

From: NvaGvUp
I'll bug him about it the next time we talk.

From: Bear Track
Rather than embarrass the man by stating how generous a person he is beside being articulate and knowledgible, I will say, he and I have had some great conversations and sure wish he'd come back and share with us. He is lurking. Come back Tom!

From: Genesis
Team Foss is presently engaged in a scheme to take the Family's Quarter Ram....

That would be the taken of the 25th Archery Sheep between the three Foss boys......

From: SteveB
Agreed. Come on back..... It's OK to disagree and even take a few be it. More good here than bad for sure, especially with the Master absent.

From: NvaGvUp
I think Tom's just been too busy to post here lately.

He's been spending a good amount of time helping WSF on the Ram Awards, plus he's on the Board of Trustees, along with a few other things.

Besides, hunting season's been in full swing the last three months!

From: Pat Lefemine
First I heard of this. You sure someone drove him off? Tom is more thick-skinned than that. And I got a PM from him not long ago.

The internet is not always a polite medium, but I know we do a better job than most. Every day I get a hate-filled YouTube or FaceBook post from fellow bowhunters to one of my YouTube videos filled with profanities. Things you Never see here. The term Kelly talks about originated on Archery Talk by the guys who were loyal to AT. It is especially rich coming from that site. I am certainly biased, but I feel we run a very clean site here and by comparison one of the more polite forums on the net.

From: NvaGvUp

I'm here a lot, as you know, and I've seen no animosity directed at anyone here on the Sheep Forum in a very, very long time. So I don't think he was driven off.

I'll contact him and tell him the guys here miss him.

From: KTH
I've got to visit with Tom a few times. Very nice guy. He lurks on bowsite. He may not post, but he's here.

From: Ermine
I don't think he was driven off. My guess is he has just been real busy. But I don't know.

From: jdee
This is the INTERNET you have to take the good with the bad and Bowsite has a ton more good on it ! There are some hunting sites I've been a member on where the regulars cried to the mods so much when some one got their feelings hurt that you couldn't even talk about true, everyday facts of life on them because the mods would fear some one was going to be offended. They become so PC that they're not worth logging on to anymore. I never could understand...if a post or poster bothers someone why the hell don't guys just ignore it, don't click on it, move on to another topic ?

From: Shrewski
I'd never use eliteIST for ttt. I do consider him ELITE, but that is as high a compliment as I can give. Great Bowhunter but much better father.

In life, and especially the Internet, it is best to "consider the source".

I definitely don't have thick skin and the Bowsite is quite civil. About 100x more so than the Leatherwall. I might go over there once in one hundred Bowsite visits and I've not shot a compound in 15 years!

From: kellyharris

It was the first time I ever heard that and to be honest I bet I have only heard it maybe 2 or 3 times since then?

Not sure if any of those fellas were AT guys or not. But I do know Serb was pretty loyal to Bowsite then one day bamm he stopped and went to lurking only. Tink said onetime on facebook taking time off Bowsite to much arguing going on.

Agreed Bowsite is a phenomenal website for bowhunters. There are a few bad apples that make it bad for a lot of folks.

I know of 2 people who post routinely who were removed only to comeback. One matured a little bit still rude to folks and the latter is already in the last week starting to put people down and continue with his narcissistic personality.

Just my observation and interpretation of course.

I've met some of the greatest folks and friends here on bowsite that is for sure.

From: Beav
I love bowsite! So many great people including tthomas. Wish he would get back on here as well. Not sure if people like him know exactly how much they are appreciated by most of us.

Sure would be nice to have him back.

From: NvaGvUp
I've been here for ~ 15 years or so and have had the good fortune to meet a lot of Bowsiters in person.

I've yet to meet one I did not like and respect.

Big Pizza Man, One of the nicest dinner get togethers I've ever had!

Bad Karma, Danged near saved my life when I went through a divorce a few years back.

BIGHORN, Dinner then had us stay at his home

Tony Mudd, Several lunches and my original partner for the 'Sheep Shape' seminar.

Tom Foss, The impetus behind the 'Sheep Shape' seminar, my partner for it in 2013 and one of the finest guys I know.

ElkNut, Conducted an elk calling seminar for the CA WSF chapter, then had a tremendous dinner meeting with him in Idaho a few years ago.

Jim in PA, Fellow WSF Director and all around good guy.

Tilzbow, 'Adopted' me as his chukar hunting buddy when I moved to Reno seven years ago and a frequent lunch pal.

Bowboy, Great dinner with him in Cheyenne last month

Heartshot, Friend, golfing partner and invited me to Whitetail hunts on his Kansas property twice.

Don Martin, CA WSF Director and passionate conservationist.

Adam Cassagrande, CA WSF Director. I've shot with him and shared burgers with him at my home when I lived in CA.

Matt, Super guy, former CA WSF Director

Glen Landrus, WA WSF President who's done great things for wild sheep.

Cameron Hanes, Coached him for his Western States 100 Mile race a few years ago.

Rob Rutherford, Crewed for me at the White River 50 Mile Run in 2008.

Michael O'Brien, Hunted with him for elk three times and he stayed at my home for a day or two a few years ago.

And many others whom I apologize to for forgetting their names or handles at the moment.

From: Bowfreak
I think it is laughable that the moniker of bowfight came from AT. Pot meet kettle.

From: kellyharris
Bowfreak agreed (lots of keyboard tuff folks on every and any wrbsites)

From: Genesis
Silly to think Tom was run off,or he needs to be begged bak.

From: Cazador
Yeah, and that a mediator will call and his influence alone will part the red sea.

From: Bill in MI
He's reached out to me and had some prudent advise for my current quest. Class act.

tthomas is a great guy! Hope to see him back.

I agree with Pat though, Bowsite is a lot better than your average community forum, even among the hunting forums.

It's impossible to keep it 100% civil when you're dealing with this many people and Bowsite wouldn't be what it is if it didn't have the traffic it does. You're going to get the occasional douchey comment from someone. I'm guilty of saying things myself that I regret. I try not to get too upset about what people say, though. Most people wouldn't say the things they do online if it were face to face so you just have to laugh.

Team Foss is always busy this time of year!

I hear from him now and then thru out the Fall.

Good luck, Robb

From: TD
All of the above. x2

Elitist? Not a hair on his head (I've been noticing that much more on heads....)

Elite bowhunter? Absolutely. World class, many other adjectives that come up when commitment and desire meet with enough talent to get a foothold. Joe Montana is an Elite quarterback. Don't think anyone would accuse him of being elitist. Or anyone not envious of his success anyway....

I think he'll be back in his own due time. I'd hate to think a few jealous comments would deprive us of being connected to such experience and insight. (He's pretty good at human motivational insight as well.... =D)

From: Mad Trapper
Agree (as usual) with TD. This site is regularly visited by the best bowhunters in the world - period. The vast majority of those people would go well out of their way to help anybody and Tom Foss is one of them. Unfortunately, there are a few visitors (and some regulars) who for whatever reason type before they think - perhaps in an effort to try to make themselves relevant - and say things that simply don't benefit anybody. I am not speaking for Tom, but I know of a few former regular contributors, who have grown weary of this and have chosen not to post much anymore - and we all lose because of it. Just my 2 cents.

From: Franzen
I'm sure it's tough being elite in what you do (Tom as a bowhunter). Jealousy runs rampant with the guys that can't or won't attempt to get it done with the bow. I'm glad I don't have to worry about it. Tom's a great guy and I'm sure he's doing just fine.

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