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Which arrow for moose fmj or pile driver
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bowhunter57 09-Dec-15
ElkNut1 09-Dec-15
Ace of Spades 09-Dec-15
Jaquomo 09-Dec-15
carcus 09-Dec-15
OFFHNTN 10-Dec-15
Charlie Rehor 10-Dec-15
Bear Track 10-Dec-15
bowhunter57 10-Dec-15
Ziek 11-Dec-15
HDE 11-Dec-15
From: bowhunter57
Trying to increase arrow weight for moose hunt in 2016. Have been shooting 350 grains at whitetails with 2 blade 100 grain hypodermic which works great. Any suggestions on what would be a good arrow and broadhead combination for moose.

From: ElkNut1
Whats your draw weight & draw length?


For elk I used a 510 grain FMJ (28.5") with 125 grain 3 blade muzzy shooting at 72 lbs I shot through 4' of elk on a hard quartering away shot. I liked the FMJ's but found it hard to get enough FOC because the shaft is so heavy.

Now I shoot Piledrivers in .298 spine same length and Magnus stinger 2 blade 125 grain head... Went to them because I like the inserts better than the eastons. I ended up getting screw in weighted inserts for them to increase FOC, if I recall correctly I'm about 600 grains with these shooting at 76# now. Never shot a moose but just my insight from the two shafts, I like the Piledrivers better but there's just minor differences, either would work.

Have fun and good luck!

From: Jaquomo
I guided an older couple this season who shot 49# and 58# longbows, cedar arrows of 450 grain (for the 49# bow) and 550 grain for the heavier bow. 2 blade Zwickey and 4 blade Eclipse COC. Both pass-through with the arrow hanging out the other side, neither moose went more than 40 yards after the shot.

Point being, you don't have to go overboard with arrow weight and bow draw weight, even for big critters like moose. A good fixed-blade broadhead, preferably COC, and an arrow heavier than 450 grains will do the trick. Shot placement and a well-tuned setup are critical.

From: carcus
I use a 480gr fmj arrow IMO the perfect wt for moose and elk and always tipped with a 100gr exodus

I will be using FMJ Injexions this year for moose. Not sure of head yet.

Either will work just fine but I use CX Piledriver PTX! Good luck! C

From: Bear Track
There's no secret, just read Jaquomo's input and go with that.

From: bowhunter57
My draw length is 26.5 and draw is weight is 65#'s

From: Ziek
Either shaft with at least another 100 grains of total weight and heavier COC head. Once you get that set up, use it for deer also. 350 grains is pretty marginal for anything but rabbits.

From: HDE
Jaquomo's post is accurate and true. Hard to have a rebuttal to that.

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