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Lions Poisoned In Kenya
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From: DL
We've all said it before, this is what will happen to lions in Africa when you won't allow hunting.

"Just a few months after the highly-publicized death of Cecil, the National Geographic reports that three more lions have been killed after consuming a cow carcass laced with poison. But rather than for sport or illegal profit, the predators may have been killed simply out of spite".

From: TD
"spite"??? More likely safety or protection of property...

those with issues about hunting lions do not have to live with lions, fear for their or their families lives nor suffer the loss of valuable personal property.

kinda like wolves here....

From: tradmt
And the same will happen with wolves as well.

Think jimmy kimmel will cry on his show for these lions too?

From: Huntcell
What were there names? Come on names. need names . name some names????

From: Pat C.
Huntcell I believe they're names were Moe Larry and Curley, or was it Shemp?

From: Dave
And yet the media is strangely silent... What good is a lion killing if you can't use it to destroy the life of an innocent hunter in America?

From: HDE
No media hype because there is no glory in it. How far would they get by tearing down some locals who, quite frankly, don't give a damn about what the US media says?

The real predator that needs to be kept under control is the liberal media for what it is.

From: bowbender77
The liberal media is nothing more than a left wing propaganda machine under the control the current administration. The media is only as corrupt as the Government that controls it.

From: writer

writer's Link
No media -?

BBC, Huffington Post (a true "liberal) group, USNews and several others.

The difference that the anti-hunting groups aren't involved, and pushing it hard.

Also, no mean and evil hunter.

(BTW, the Cecil debacle was some of the worst true journalism I've see in 34 years in the business.)

And I really wish people would lay-off the "liberal media" crap. Too many people believe the media is biased if they don't see the world as they do. We get "conservative media" complaints, too. But if does agree with you, it's just accurate reporting.

You think Fox News is "fair and balanced?" Far from it.

At the state's largest newspaper we've had several front page articles that have been positive about hunting, We also ran one of the strongest "wait a minute" columns about how poorly the Cecil debacle was portrayed.

From: Dave
" And I really wish people would lay-off the "liberal media" crap. Too many people believe the media is biased if they don't see the world as they do. We get "conservative media" complaints, too. But if does agree with you, it's just accurate reporting.

You think Fox News is "fair and balanced?" Far from it. "

WOW! What planet are you living on??? Spoken like a true Liberal.

I don't see Conservative pundits on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc to defend and their position like FOX has on nearly every segment. I hear only the absurd liberal side of the argument and ridiculous excuse for journalism on those networks. There's a reason Fox has more viewers than the other networks combined--because they present the FACTS.

From: tjsna
Writer- I read somewhere that 93% of media people are Liberal.

So to me it is a very bias world.

Are you saying the vilifying of the dentist by the lefties before anybody had any facts was OK or not agenda driven ? (Liberal media) That terminology is either true (agenda driven 100% of the time) or just a term we use if it doesn't fit or thoughts !?

Just wondering.

From: HDE
Media is a political tool. It is used by whatever side to push an agenda. Case in point, energy production. You hear very little about the positive. If anyone is happy about $35 oil and $2 gas (natural, not at the pump) and think it is a good thing - then wait. The storm is coming for all.

If you think otherwise, you dream.

From: elkstabber
Writer +1. He's one of us and he's telling the truth.

From: Matt
"WOW! What planet are you living on??? Spoken like a true Liberal."

This isn't an issue of liberal or conservative - but more an issue of whether folks can objectively view what is presented to them by our media and critically analyse it - whether or not it fits our world view.

As a conservative, I take much of what the liberal media puts to print with a grain of salt....but I flat take offense to what Fox calls "news".

From: writer
Me, liberal?. How do you label somebody you don't know anything about.

I'm the guy who spent 15 years, though long ago, doing pro-gun, pro-hunting, pro-conservation, and giving credit where it was due, in the Wall Street Journal, the world's mostly respectable newspaper. We're talking dozens of articles.

Let's see... the pro-handgun story the editors wanted to off-set Bill Clinton's anti handgun stuff.

A whole series of articles on the importance of the Conservation Reserve Program, including what it did for wildlife and hunting...which got put on the desk of about every legislator in Washington.

In one of many wetlands articles, quoted a key, non-hunting waterfowl biologist as saying, "If there weren't duck hunters, we wouldn't have any ducks."

"My Daughter, My Hunting Buddy," the column of what all my daughter had learned from her time in the outdoors, including a lot of time with firearms and hunting. Some little group called the NRA was thrilled, the National Shooting Sports Foundation asked for a presentation on it at one of their national conventions. In is eloquent way, Ted Nugent said it was "a kick in the balls" to the antis.

I SAID much of the crap written about the Cecil story was flat-out biased journalism. (Washington Post, New York Times, among others, not to mention TV news.) Now go and read what I wrote about it, in the state's largest newspaper.

All of those stories, and the rest, had solid facts behind them. If there was two sides to the story, both were given.

If the story is factually accurate, I can put a pro-hunting, pro-shooting story on the front page of a sizable daily newspaper about anytime I want, thanks to editors who will base their judgement on facts.

While you were doing whatever the first weekend of the month I was filming a TV show for a cable network on the importance of mentoring kids in the outdoors, based on the 100-plus trips I've made with a fatherless kid over that past two years.

I'm not a liberal, and I'm not a conservative - I'm a realist, and the conservative media is as biased as the liberal media. But, there is still some unbiased journalism out there. Two of my co-workers are indeed liberals, but their reporting is very unbiased, and gives both sides.

From: Dave
"but I flat take offense to what Fox calls "news". "

And why's that?? Because you can't handle them exposing the hypocrisies and absurdities of the left?

From: GF
" How do you label somebody you don't know anything about."

It's easy - that's why it's so flippin' popular! It's only once you get to know something about a person that insults and ad hominem attacks start to lose some of their sweet, juicy flavor...

You just can't argue with a person who dismisses peer-reviewed science as a liberal conspiracy and is 100% convinced that his position on non-theological matters is correct "because The Bible says so".

Both sides like to have their ears tickled.

From: Bowfreak
"Peer reviewed science with regard to Global Warming"

Al Gore:

" you love me?"


"Yes Al."


"Then feed my sheep."

Repeat twice.

From: Dave
"Peer reviewed science with regard to Global Warming" AKA one of the greatest conspiratorial lies of our generation. Anyone who has taken the time to do the actual fact exploration and research of the valid science will see that the whole idea of climate change as a result of humans is an absolute joke. Hence, the reason more and more respected scientists now refuting the claims made by Gore, Obama, and all the left-wing wacko scientists in their back pocket. Why have you not heard of this reversal by many accredited scientists you ask? Because the left-wing lamestream media does not want you to hear it. It doesn't suit their agenda just like all the other facts they conveniently omit from their "reporting" like Hillary's lawless e-mail server, corrupt Foundation, and criminal acts surrounding Benghazi to name a few. The lamestream media is an embarrassment to our country and if I were you, writer, I'd be embarrassed to be affiliated with such a corrupt organization with no integrity whatsoever, regardless of your own personal beliefs. So much for the days where the media served to keep government honest and preserve our democratic process by exposing the FACTS for the people to make their own judgments and analysis. Those days are gone. Now, we have another super-PAC labeled ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC...

From: HDE
After reading the post above - I would hope there are those in news reporting and journalism that will continue to report without prejudice. That keeps them honest.

There just are not that many of them out there anymore and they get buried in all the one-sided nonsense.

From: writer
From my perspective, and I have a print biased, you're more likely to find objectivity in print than on the air.

But, you can't recognize objectivity if you don't have it yourself.

That ability has changed as fast as the similar problems within the media.

Fox Media isn't conservative. They want to convey that but, their actions say different.

LIBERAL Media is the problem. Conservative Media is not. True conservative media like American Family Radio does not lie. Anything but Conservative media does lie. That's reality. Calling oneself conservative but, acting differently is just a ploy and a lie. I don't care who you are or, if that pisses you off. Being a journalist doesn't change any of this. And, it doesn't give you anymore ability to discern these facts than anyone else. Because they are indisputable.

The lying, LIBERAL media has not made such a stink because it isn't big news. NO one with any reasoning would argue that these people shouldn't have used their abilities to protect their families and property. And, there is no way to twist it to make it look any different. That's the realities with such REALITY. Reality doesn't sell like drama. And, reality doesn't thrive off of drama. Twisting and contorting lies do. Ad the spoiled, bored American eats it up. God Bless

From: writer
..proves my point, exactly.

From: Jaquomo
Unbiased media from one side or the other is a rare thing these days - exception granted to writer's newspaper (thank you, Michael!)

With respect to "peer-reviewed science", try find one climate alarmist that isn't tied financially in some manner to funding from "Big Green", whether through grants, funneled government grants, or an anti-fossil fuel agenda. For the Left, it's perfect redistribution scheme. Follow the money.

My good friend, one of the top atmospheric scientists in the world who has testified before Congress numerous times, Professor Emeritus, and the world's leading hurricane predictor, told me in great detail how the "peer review" process works for anything climate-related. There is a narrative. If the research paper doesn't support the narrative, it is rejected from the review process because everyone is terrified that if the alarm goes away, so does the funding. Most of his work is not accepted for peer review anymore, nor was it allowed to be included in any of the IPCC "reports" because it didn't support the alarmist narrative.

writer, yes it does if that is the point in question and the way you perceive things. However, I disagree with your line of reasoning and accountability. Because, what my perceived objectivity says about the reality of most of the current Media means very little really. Because here are the facts of this situation.

The reality is that most of our national outlets are Liberal. No denying it. It is proven by their choices of news and the way they present it. No objectivity here.

The month we had to listen to Cecil debacle versus the American soldiers dying in Afghanistan, The gross mis-handling of our Embassy, etc...., was the day this was proven as truth. The day that any reporter and news agency repeatedly asks an elected representative, known for leftist thinking, about gun control measures to protect our country from Muslim terrorists, versus the obvious problem of the Muslim terrorists, this was proven. This isn't biased reasoning. That is the realities of it.

Back to issue at hand. The reality is that most haven't reported much on these lions due to their inability to present a villain to blame.

With no evil villain to present, no possible contrived drama, and the simple reality that these people were protecting their families, lives, possessions, etc... there will never be much said about it by the same people that went ballistic over Cecil the lion getting killed. That's the definition of objectivity.

Objectivity from the consumer doesn't change these realities. Because they are the facts of it. However, objectivity of the Left leaning media has prevented their continual reporting on it. That is the truth. And, That's the way it works. The consumer getting blamed for these realities is kinda backwards.

I mean not to argue. But, I'm not going to allow the Media's objectivity to be lost in this discussion. Because their objectivity is why we are even having this discussion. God Bless

From: cottonwood
Well, I shared this to Facebook, along with some facts about Kenya's lion population which has dwindled from 32,000 in the 70's before the ban on lion hunting in 1977 to just over two thousand animals today. I contrasted it with South Africa which is not without conservation issues but has a good lion hunting opportunity and a healthy population of lions.

From: writer
WV...well-stated. Don't agree totally, but you've put a lot of thought and time in to it. That's appreciated, honestly.

Cottonwood, I've used Kenya several times when defending hunting in Africa.

Merry Christmas

From: TD
The problem with Big Media as I see it.... go to any university and find a Journalism major. Ask them why Journalism?

9 out of 10 replies will be something along the lines of "I want to make a difference....". Many will even go so far as "I want to change things". Not "I want to get to the real facts and truth of a story and relay that to the public".

There at least seemed a time when reporters would dig for the facts and truth no matter who they got dirty. No more. These days they are as inclined to turn and walk away from a story as anything if it rocks the wrong boat. Sometimes the biggest lie is a buried truth.

The phrase heard now at private parties and meetings in hotel conference rooms the movers and shakers in the industry attend.... “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”. That is their goal, their mission statement. And has nothing whatsoever to do with facts or truth, those can be buried or twisted so as to fit the narrative, the mission..... but in reality a not so veiled attempt at societal manipulation.

writer, you are a gentlemen. Thank you for that.

TD, I agree wholeheartedly.

God bless you all and remember the reason for the season.

From: ermont
I had great hopes for Fox News. I am seeing that is not the case. I am very distraught that things are not as they seem. What happened to our country?

From: writer
It's all Obama's fault, ermont. No doubt!

Oh, wait, it's the fault of the right-wing extremists. For sure!

No, no, no...

It does seem that the gap between the left and the right are much farther than 20 to 30 years ago.

It's hard to find a politician, on either side, that simply votes for what is right for their constituents.

"It does seem that the gap between the left and the right are much farther than 20 to 30 years ago.

It's hard to find a politician, on either side, that simply votes for what is right for their constituents."

I agree. And it's unfortunate.

I honestly believe that if 10% of the most liberal and 10% of the most conservative people in this country just suddenly vanished, that the other 80% of us would be much better off.

From: Matt
"And why's that?? Because you can't handle them exposing the hypocrisies and absurdities of the left?"

Nope, I can't handle the hyporcrises and absurdities that result from FOX news trying to expose the left.

When was the last time you fact checked FOX news Dave?

From: TD
Gap? The gap is simple to explain. What was normal middle class centrist 30 years ago is now painted as right wing extremist. The left simply move the goal posts a bit at time so no one hardly notices.... I honestly don't think the right has gone FURTHER right and expanded the gap, in fact likely less so. They are just fed up with being told they must go along yet again to satisfy the wishes of the left. And usually done so with the load their backs. Not enough to just decline.... it must be acknowledged, embraced. Compliance is now forced.

When refusing to do so.... well, you get sued for NOT baking a cake.... you kid is expelled from kindergarten for biting a poptart into the "L" shape of a gun (geez, he didn't even put a hammer on it...). Christmas cannot be celebrated. But providing prayer mattresses facing east are mandatory.... guys who think they are girls must be allowed to use the ladies locker room and showers.... You are forced to buy a product from a private company under penalty of law, the muzzle of a gun, (in a strange twist, a real one, not a poptart). "Gap" indeed. The goalposts are now on wheels.... Who's creation again is this "gap"?

30 years ago someone told you what has happened just in the last few years the vast majority of people would have called you crazy. That is where the goal line was 30 years ago.

Ahhhhhh.... all these frogs in the pot, nice warm water..... very relaxing....

Oh, yeah, sorry... lions... the OP....

Proven over and over and over, irrefutable.... hunters are the very foundation of conservation. When the game and it's habitat have value, it is cared about and managed. I'm sure those who poisoned the lions would have MUCH rather sold them for many thousands of dollars to spend on the little things, food, clothing, shelter...

Please excuse my broad use of "labels".... but bottom line, any way you spin it or (trigger word warning) slice it, a bunch of liberal leftist anti-hunter morons made it near impossible to do so. So now not only the lions will suffer for it, the people actually living there will too. Sorry if it hurts some feelings placing the blame where it is deserved with, well, you know who... but those are the real world facts, with the accompanying real world results. I did not go to Journalism class. Gap indeed.....

From: Dave
" Nope, I can't handle the hyporcrises and absurdities that result from FOX news trying to expose the left.

When was the last time you fact checked FOX news Dave? "

I actually do it quite frequently. You should try it sometime. It's called critical thinking. Glad to see many others on this forum have figured it out.

From: Fuzzy
"It does seem that the gap between the left and the right are much farther than 20 to 30 years ago. It's hard to find a politician, on either side, that simply votes for what is right for their constituents."

yes. This polarization is frightening to me.

This is the sort of thing, this closed minded, violent, ears-shut, mouths-open rhetoric, the blame-throwing, the name-calling, and the refusal to consider other's points, that leads to bloodshed.

Our country has become divided, over trifles, at a time we need to unite, for survival.

I'm concerned. Very concerned.

From: HDE
Most small issues become big issues when you're warm and well fed.

From: Tonybear61
Global warming due to humans exclusively?? I think not, however it has got to be one of the warmest winters as long as I can remember here in the Midwest.

Some interesting things to ponder:

1) after drilling a couple of miles into Greenland ice researches found butterfly parts in the soil beneath, must have been a lot warmer there once, long before industry got here.

2) The sun (our major heat source) varies in its energy output. High output, high temps on earth low temps, low output.

3) Inuits, other native peoples of the far North have 30-40 names for snow storms. Are the ice core analyists looking at each season (such as rings on a tree) or each independent or series of "snow" events?

4)Hockey stick extrapolation models are just that an extrapolation of what could be if that data set was extended trend w/o changes, but alas it did change.The ice caps have been in place 6 years longer than their predicted melting of 2009. But man-made global warming, variance caused it???

5) Polar bears heading south size the ice is breaking up and/or their food source is moving-probably some of booth? Um what do the seals eat, are they moving too??

6) Methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. Cars burp it, cows fart it, yeah well so did billions of bison after the ice age. If the permafrost does melt a lot of methane will be released. But its a great fuel, just ask the folks who live in residential areas that are utilizing the entrapment systems in areas where its naturally occurring or coming off of a brownfield/waste site.

7) Trees, grass, shrubs all take CO2, respire O2, sounds like a lot of them are the solution, but they need Co2 to exist.

From: kscowboy
"Well, I shared this to Facebook, along with some facts about Kenya's lion population which has dwindled from 32,000 in the 70's before the ban on lion hunting in 1977 to just over two thousand animals today. I contrasted it with South Africa which is not without conservation issues but has a good lion hunting opportunity and a healthy population of lions."

What? RSA? Are you kidding me?

Yeah, if you want to shoot a canned lion. And don't spoon-feed me the "they cross in from Botswana", the greatest lie in selling a lion "hunt" in RSA.

You are wrong here. There are a few very, very limited free range lion hunts in RSA, let alone free range hunts for anything in RSA. It's safe to say that over 95% of trophies from RSA are from game farms. I'd put lions at about 99%.

I read these posts of Right Wing Extreme in this thread and I ask exactly what is a Right Wing Extremist? I perceive it as an American that buys into the intent of the Constitution. Because that is the exact person under fire from the Left currently.

TD pretty much has it NAILED down. It is so popular now to point at the Extreme Right or, the Extreme Left and say they are the problem. And, that we need compromise. Really. I think compromise is what got us here. The problem is as TD says. What is currently considered extreme right wing was what was once considered Moral. Just. Family. American. Now it has been painted as extreme for so long so many just picked it up as being the way it is.

There is zero doubt in my mind that a man's political compass is defined by his interpretation of our Constitution and, the rights of those that live under it. I have studied this for about 30 years now and, have yet to find one blemish in this ideology. Last time I checked, there were/are a bunch on the left that demands the constitution that this country was founded upon, and the freedom's of those it covers, is in contradiction to what they feel is right. So, who really is to blame for this broken society?

Is the gap truly getting bigger as we are being told or, is the social influences getting more one sided to make the right look wrong? Well, I think that is clear as the air we breath. Based solely on the simple reasoning given above.

To take this even farther and make everyone aware of what they have stated here, I challenge any man here that has stated Conservative values as being part of the problem, to list just one example of what you mean. List where Conservative right morals are to blame for the loss of the American society. List where Conservative values are to blame for any immoral, corrupt, incorrect action in this country. I'm being serious too. If you are going to claim that, educate me please because I'm so simply stupid I have yet to be able to contribute one ill effect of conservative living.

I could fill a 2 million word document pointing out the deficiencies of left leaning liberal thought, by doing just as I have asked you.

The simple fact is our Country is founded and defined by a document meant to prevent all that ails our society today. I have never been aware of a conservative value, law, morals, etc... that says or demands any contradiction to this founding document. Because it was those values that founded this country. Is there one value that our current left extremists exhibits that the same can be said for? If there is, I don't know about it.

God bless men.

From: Dave
" What is currently considered extreme right wing was what was once considered Moral. Just. Family. American. "

Don't forget Objective with common sense.

From: writer

writer's embedded Photo
writer's embedded Photo
A prime example of the left-wing, anti-gun media right here folks. It's obvious this newspaper hates guns, can't stand hunting and will do anything to make them look bad. :-)

In the main hallway at The Wichita Eagle are large, framed prints of some of our best photos.

Look at this one.

Why, that can't be a father and a son out on a sunrise duck hunt, can it?

And oh my gosh, are the carrying broom handles? Garden hoes? Hiking sticks?

No, those are shotguns!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, if something bad happens and a gun is involved, we report it objectively.

One of our top reports leans far left, personally, and has no use for guns. But he's one of the most objective reporters. Quite a few times he's ran something by me to make sure it's accurate, gun-wise, and factually correct.

WV, you do realize if he was around today, Jesus would be a Democrat, right? (All but the abortion issue, of course.) We asked a high-ranking Catholic bishop about it and he quickly agreed.

Merry CHRISTmas!

EDIT: I had to edit because my grammar resembled a person who was taught grammar in the liberal pubic education core.

writer, this isn't about political parties. It is about ideology. The lines of politics are so blurred it is impossible to point at one party and say they are liberal or conservative.

Maybe, the catholic bishop you quote ought to read the Bible a bit more instead of giving misguided advice. You too. No where does Jesus teach of liberal policy. The same can be said for this countries founding document. Rereading history about our Independence and, the Constitution that came from winning it, will confirm this.

Conservative values:

Work hard. Save. Spend wisely and, be as debt free as possible.

Give what is needed, when it is needed, to those that need it. From the heart. Not because a hawking government or, lazy people feel you are the reason the person in need, is in need.


In order of importance to a conservative. God, family, country.

Liberal values:

Work at sharing the riches of those that have worked hard and earned it. Vote for people that will pass legislation to steal their bosses 401k and college funds to send their lazy kid to school for 8 years to graduate with a Bachelors of art degree in public finance. Spend whatever they want just because they want. The next generation has got their back. The hard working CONSERVATIVE man will front the bill with his savings and profits then too. He just won't have the revenue or cash flow to offer more jobs to the entitled, $8 cup of coffee drinking liberal that moans about their place of employment not offering them adequate insurance to pay for the high blood pressure medicine all the caffeine from that coffee has caused.

Steal your neighbors freedoms, money, belongings to help themselves continue to be lazy. What the heck man, somebody has to give up their overtime pay so the liberal goobers can drink $8 anti American cups of coffee and look cool.

Blame everyone, especially the hard working conservative for every problem a liberal society has created and, manifested into a real problem.

In order of importance to a liberal. I, lazy people, family, then God, then the country.

I'm real certain of which of these examples line up with what the Bible teaches. I'm also real certain which of these line up with the founding documents of this country. And, it surely isn't the liberal one.

I'm still waiting on ONE Conservative value that has proven bad or, out of line with the founding documentation of this country. As always, this is just debate. I mean no harm in pointing out the obvious and undeniable. God bless and Merry Christmas to you as well.

From: Dave
"WV, you do realize if he was around today, Jesus would be a Democrat, right?"

Another one of the biggest lies of the left. The left-wing likes to portray the right as racist, bigoted, selfish, and unwilling to help the poor and needy. You might want to brush up on Bible 101 because much of the Bible is centered around more conservative views. Try looking up "tithing" to start with.

From: tonyo6302
"That if all Printers were determin'd not to print any thing till they were sure it would offend no body, there would be very little printed."

" Printers are educated in the Belief, that when Men differ in Opinion, both Sides ought equally to have the Advantage of being heard by the Publick; and that when Truth and Error have fair Play, the former is always an overmatch for the latter"

- Excerpts from "An Apology for Printers", Benjamin Franklin, The Pennsylvania Gazette, 27 May 1731

From: tonyo6302
"If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you are misinformed."

- Mark Twain

From: HDE
If anyone "Nailed it", Mark Twain (aka Samuel Clemens) did.

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