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outer layer for a lion hunt?
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buckshot312000 16-Dec-15
kota-man 16-Dec-15
PAstringking 16-Dec-15
Any suggestions for outer layers for a January Idaho lion hunt. My plan is to layer with various weights of merino wool/under armour, but I'm having trouble finding good information for the outer layer. Also, my plan is to take a set of coveralls for riding around on the ATVs then shed that for any hiking. Thanks in advance for any advise!

From: kota-man
A water/wind resistant softshell would be the way to go. My favorite: Sitka Jetstream. For pants/bibs I wore Sitka Celcius Bibs and they were perfect. May also want to consider a good pair of gaiters if you go the "pants" route.

From: PAstringking
I just got back from a lion hunt and my favorite layer was a Kuiu Guide jacket. I wore a super down jacket under it when riding around or standing. It was easily stashed in my pack when hiking.

Buy a good set of gaiters!! My OR Crocodiles were worth every penny

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