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Limcroma Safaris 2016 Show Schedule
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Firehuntfish 16-Dec-15
PREZ 16-Dec-15
canesfan1 24-Dec-15
t-roy 24-Dec-15
Firehuntfish 25-Dec-15
Firehuntfish 09-Jan-16
Firehuntfish 30-Jan-16
From: Firehuntfish
Here is our North American Sportsman's Show Schedule for 2016. If you will be attending any of the shows, please come by our booths and introduce yourself. We look forward to meeting everyone!

Dallas Safari Club Convention Dallas, TX. January 7-10. Booth# 3104

Houston Safari Club Convention Woodlands, TX. January, 15-17.

Texas Brush Country Chapter of the SCI Corpus Christi, TX. January 21.

West Texas Chapter of the SCI Midland-Odessa, TX. January, 22-23.

Safari Club International Convention Las Vegas, NV. February, 3-6 Booth #1556

Great American Outdoor Show Harrisburg, PA. February, 6-14. Booth #5324

North Texas Chapter of the SCI Fort Worth, TX. February 20.

If you would like to schedule a private meeting at any of the shows please email Hannes directly at

From: PREZ
I will stop by in Harrisburg,Pa...I'm sure I will have some more questions before we leave into June.

From: canesfan1
See you guys in Vegas!

From: t-roy
You guys are going to be at the Iowa Deer Classic in March as well, correct?

From: Firehuntfish
T-roy, Merry Christmas to you and Theresa!

The Iowa Show was not on the list that the office sent me.... I can't image why they would not attend Iowa this year. I will check it out and let you know.....

From: Firehuntfish
Just a reminder that Hannes, Aart, and Melcom are currently at the Dallas Safari Club show show this weekend. Then, the Houston SCI is next week...

The Limcroma crew will be all over Texas throughout the month of January. Please come and see us at one of these locations.

From: Firehuntfish
The SCI Convention is in Las Vegas is this week...


If you are attending the show, please come by and say hello. We would love to meet some fellow Bowsiters and talk some hunting!

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