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Arizona Tag System Failure
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Thornton 17-Dec-15
wildwilderness 17-Dec-15
6 points 17-Dec-15
StickFlicker 17-Dec-15
Ed 17-Dec-15
Heat 17-Dec-15
AAA 18-Dec-15
Thornton 18-Dec-15
Whip 18-Dec-15
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Mike Lawrence 21-Dec-15
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Thornton 22-Dec-15
From: Thornton
I wanted to tell everyone who applied for the 2016 Spring Draw that the online Arizona tag system failed. I realized this after my first attempt in October. I called the tag office in Phoenix and they issued me refund in short order, I reapplied and it happened again. I was told by the lady in charge that "several hundred" applicants that had applied, never made it into the draw system. She went on to say that the draw office had been given clearance to issue javelina tags to those who had applied and the computer did not enter them. She went on to say that they had to manually enter all failed applicants into the computer and it could take several weeks. Good luck all

My draw results says I was drawn and my CC was billed. I haven't received the tag in the mail yet with the hunt starting Jan 1.

Has anyone already received the tag in the mail?

From: 6 points
Got my tag yesterday

From: StickFlicker
I received mine yesterday as well.

From: Ed
I bought 2 leftovers yesterday. The guy who I talked to mentioned the failure and said it was because they handled everything in house.

From: Heat
I got a javi and a buff tag; no failure here!

From: AAA
Happened to me. Two Javi charges, no tag, no bonus point, no application on my history. Spent 30 min on the phone with them today.

From: Thornton
They called me today to tell me I would be getting my tag shortly. The lady gave hardly any intro and asked for my SS#. I made her wait while I googled her phone to ensure it wasn't a scam.

From: Whip
I received my tag in the mail today.

From: 6 points
G&F called me today and said there was a mess up on the turkey tags and there would be an additional draw next week and asked if I wanted my application resubmitted or wanted the bonus point. So, there is still hope for a Goulds tag!

From: Dave
Errors in the AZ tag drawing system? SHOCKING!! That can't be! They claim it's foolproof.

From: bowbender77
``Said there was a mess up on Turkey tags." What kind of MESS UP ?

From: WapitiBob
You'll get a call if you were part of the turkey draw problem.

From: hunting dad
I wan't drawn for turkey. I'd call that a problem. Wonder if I qualify? LOL

"They called me today to tell me I would be getting my tag shortly. The lady gave hardly any intro and asked for my SS#. I made her wait while I googled her phone to ensure it wasn't a scam."

Caller ID can be manipulated, under NO circumstances should personal information be given to someone who called you. If there is a legitimate reason, you can easily call them back at their main business number. I repeat NO circumstance, if my mother called asking for my SS# I would call her back.

From: Beendare
Shades of the 90's -i think it was- when my paper application along with about 1,000 others was left out of the elk draw....

From: Thornton
Mike Lawrence- I am a smart guy and all is clear, not to mention I have Lifelock. I got my tag yesterday

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