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Midwest Preserves?
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DR 18-Dec-15
Zebrakiller 18-Dec-15
Fuzzy 21-Dec-15
JRW 22-Dec-15
ahunter55 28-Jan-16
spike buck 28-Jan-16
Fuzzy 29-Jan-16
Styx 29-Jan-16
foxwillkill 31-Jan-16
From: DR
Just recently got stationed near St. Louis and am looking for a winter hog hunt. Looking for fun meat hunt, not a mount. I know Missouri and Tennessee have a few places. Does anyone have any recommendations within a few hours drive of St. Louis in Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana or Illinois?

From: Zebrakiller
My thread awesome weekend under hogs was in iowa last weekend just south of waterloo

From: Fuzzy
Shilo Ranch in OK is well worth the extra mileage, as is No Mercy

From: JRW
I would think just about any hog farmer would sell you a pig. Pretty much the same thing.

From: ahunter55

ahunter55's embedded Photo
ahunter55's embedded Photo
Northstar Montour, Ia & Scenic View, Monona, Ia. Son & 2 of his friends went to Scenic last week for 3 days.

From: spike buck

spike buck's embedded Photo
spike buck's embedded Photo
For a spot and stalk bow hunt, try No Mercy in Gracemont Oklahoma. He is a sponsor of Bowsite!! 8 hour drive from St. Louis.

From: Fuzzy
JRW, if you tried it, you might revise your thinking :)

From: Styx
You can checkout Stone Creek Hunting Ranch in Rolla, Mo.,about 90 minutes from St.Louis. It's an all inclusive hunt. Styx

From: foxwillkill
I live near St. Louis and will be make a return trip to Shiloh Ranch, OK. in March. Its a great time and worth the 7 hour drive.

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