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What airline to use to ft St.John BC.
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bowhunter57 19-Dec-15
Neubauer 19-Dec-15
LKH 19-Dec-15
SteveB 19-Dec-15
Mark Watkins 19-Dec-15
Ambush 19-Dec-15
From: bowhunter57
Has anyone flown to FT. St.John British Columbia? As I have a moose hunt scheduled for Oct. 2016. Hoping to find one that is bowhunter friendly

From: Neubauer
I have flown there several times. Both were with west jet/air canada. No problems at all.

From: LKH
Go on one of the websites that book flights for all airlines. Go thru the booking process and at least you will know what your options are. For small places you generally get to choose one out of one.

From: SteveB
Yes twice and once with Air Canada and once with Westjet. Both just fine, no problems.

From: Mark Watkins
Just when there this past August on air Canada.... Friendly, on time and safe travels


From: Ambush
You will be landing in Vancouver first I assume?

Then to Prince George and on to the Fort?

I'm not sure if it will make any difference if you book the BC portion separately with the big dollar difference?

Air Canada is the airline we love to hate here, but you do what you gotta due. Westjet is the preferred way to fly.

Good luck on the moose. And please, shoot a few wolves while you're here. A bear or two would be good to.

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