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Pillows made from African game??
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t-roy 20-Dec-15
Buffalo1 20-Dec-15
FullCryHounds 21-Dec-15
StickFlicker 21-Dec-15
Hugh 22-Dec-15
From: t-roy
My wife wants to get a couple of pillows made from the skin of a Blue Wildebeest I shot in Africa this past July.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to who to get in contact with to get them made......Thanks!

From: Buffalo1

I think you can probably buy ready made cheaper than you can have them made. Check it out - I've been down this road before.

Contact Don Clifford in Colorado. He is a furrier that makes just about anything from fur and leather. Outstanding workmanship and very reasonable.

303 775-5468

From: StickFlicker
You can probably buy any pillows you want, and then take them with the skin to your taxidermist to have covered. Many taxidermists have a person that is an expert at sewing animal skins (attaching felt backing to lion and bear skin rugs, etc.) along with the heavy duty sewing machine to do it properly.

From: Hugh
contact Northern Pines Rugging Phone: 231-937-4696 Fax: 231-937-9746 Email:

They do all my wholesale work.

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