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Import eruo mount from Australia?
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I was wondering if anyone has experience shipping a Euro Mount from Australia to the US? I have a Sambar mount I shot a few months ago that I need to ship back to the states.

My parents (non-hunters) are living there (Melbourne) and have the mount. They say there are a bunch of rules and customs issues with shipping "animal parts".

Any tips or advice where to start in getting it shipped back? can it be checked in luggage?


From: Txnrog
Do you have contact with a local Taxidermist or Outfitter?

I got a buffalo shipped back about a year ago. Wasn't a big deal, but there was some vet paperwork certifying that it was clean, then I had to do the paperwork on the US side - I used a broker and got about $700 in clearing charges that I probably could have avoided if I had the time to get a port exemption permit (not needed if you live near a wildlife port) and meet the customs agent for inspection. Not as bad as getting stuff back from Africa, but wasn't like bringing something back from Canada.

From: spike buck
Best to contact the USFW service for rules and regs. I know first hand that one forgotten permit will keep you from getting your mount. They will impose heavy fines for forgotten permits.

Customs have no idea of what you need. Talk to the top!!

From: Sitting Bull
I would contact Gary Pegg at South Pacific Taxidermy. He is in Melbourne and can organise all of the paperwork for you. He is an accredited Quarantine receiving agent for international hunting trophies. He also ships world wide.




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Thanks for the tips.

I do not have any contacts with local outfitter/taxidermist. I went on a free range hunt with a local, son of one of my parents friends there. We spot and stalked a couple days and ran dogs with his club one day. I got this medium sized 24" stag stalking. Its an amazing place! He boiled the skull for me and my parents picked it up.

Is there a way to take it in checked luggage and personally clear it through customs?

From: Sitting Bull
A nice stag especially for your first. I expect the antlers can be taken as carry on luggage but USFW will still want documentation on what it is and how its been treated. At the very least you will need a certificate of origin and most likely a quarantine inspection letter saying that it has been cleaned and bleached.

You should be able to get both of these from South Pacific Taxidermy for a reasonable cost. Website is on previous post. You should definitely check requirements with your Fish and Wildlife department as the rules do change from time to time and they are liable to confiscate or ship the antlers back to Australia if paperwork is not in order.



From: Paul T
You will NOT be able to take them as "Carry On" But can do with your checked luggage. If checking them in we usually cut up a hose and place a 2" section over each point and tape it on to protect the tips then wrap it in bubble wrap or the like. Just make sure you have all your documentation in order so you can bring it into your country.

If you get stuck PM me and I will see what I can sort out for you from this end.

Cheers Mate

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