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Wounded Warriors in Action hunt donation
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skinner creek 26-Dec-15
woodguy65 27-Dec-15
Charlie Rehor 02-Jun-16
SteveB 02-Jun-16
skinner creek 05-Jun-16

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Every year I donate a week to Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation. This hunt takes place the end of May each year and we typically bring in 2 wounded in action veterans to hunt black bears. This year we are planning on bringing in a family plus one other veteran. Although I pick up the tab on all expenses during the hunt, WWIAF pays for license tags and airfare. This year we are looking to raise enough money through donations from other people to cover these costs. .

I have put up a link to WWIAF donation page any amount will be appreciated. WWIAF is a 501(c)(3) Non profit organization FYI.

Tag your donation Skinner Creek Hunts bear hunt so you know that your funds are going where you direct it.

Thanks for your time.

From: woodguy65
Thank you for doing this - donation sent.

Doug at Skinner Creek in BC is hosting his 5th Wounded Warrior bear hunt this week. We look forward to the update! Thanks for doing this hunt! C

From: SteveB
I heard it was another great hunt!!


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