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Bows in UK, Capetown hotels????
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Bake 28-Dec-15
Firehuntfish 28-Dec-15
wcbarker 28-Dec-15
Bou'bound 28-Dec-15
t-roy 29-Dec-15
Frenchman 29-Dec-15
Bake 29-Dec-15
jimscol 01-Jan-16
Barry Wensel 02-Jan-16
Barty1970 11-Feb-16
From: Bake
Currently finalizing plans for 2016 anniversary trip/safari.

2 questions. . . .

1. Any problem having bow, arrows and broadhead in London? (where is Barty?) We'll be staying two nights in London after the AFrica portion of the trip

2. We'll be spending a couple nights in Capetown. Anyone have recommendations for good hotels?


From: Firehuntfish
Hello Bake,

PM sent.

From: wcbarker
arrows and broadheads in London no problem

From: Bou'bound
The table bay hotel is excellent and on great area. At least research it.

From: t-roy
Dan(firehuntfish) can give you way better info than I can. He helped us greatly on all aspects of our trip this past July.

All I can tell you is you are going to have a blast! Looking forward to your stories & pics.

From: Frenchman
Curious - did you find a place to bowhunt near Capetown?

Seems to be lots fo places near East London, but not that many near Cape town...

From: Bake
Thanks everyone!

Frenchman. . . No. We're hunting near Port Elizabeth with Crusader Safaris.



My wife and I are headed to Cape Town in April...similar circumstances. I ended up booking our hotel through after staying on top of the booking rates every day for a couple months. I ended up getting a screaming deal at the Cape Town Lodge Hotel...but there were quite a few places down on the V&A Waterfront with decent prices...depending on how much you are willing to pay of course. Several were way out of this guy's price range, but several were in my wheel house.

We have 3 days of tours booked with African Sky in/around Cape Town...seamless bookings, payment methods and correspondence has been great with these folks.

Like you, we are also hunting in Port Elizabeth after spending some time in Cape Town.

From: jimscol
We stayed at the Victoria and Alfred hotel at the waterfront. It was very nice and the service was great. We rented a car and drove down to the Cape of Good Hope visited the penguin colony in Simon Town and toured the wine country east of Capetown.

From: Barry Wensel
Brother Gene and I stayed at the Fleur Du Cap in Capetown about 20 years ago. It was outstanding. The guest book included Queen Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela, Jack Nicklaus and a couple Montana rednecks. Wow.. hard to believe that was 20 years ago. bw

From: Barty1970
Someone call?!

Sorry haven't relied to this yet...Briefly, don't have assembled broadheads in your bow quiver and make sure archery equipment is labelled as exactly that; don't carry a locking blade knife in your pocket when out on the streets[3" non-locking blade or shorter is ok, ie Swiss army penknife].

Don't fly anywhere near Rotterdam with BHs [previous posts on Bowsite African forum will give more detail]

Good luck and good hunting

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