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need good boots-suggestions?
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About to go on my first cougar hunt. I need new boots and am looking for recommendations... Thanks!!

From: RJ Hunt
I love my Cabelas Meindls

From: flyingbrass
Schnees mountain boot series, pick which one fits your uses best. They got a great reputation for making boots. I got 4 different Schnees boots.

From: wyliecoyote
I know you can spend lots more $$$.....but I think Danner pronghorns are as good as I'll ever need.


From: Maverick7
Schnees hunter II. No break in time. 8 days of hunting and my boots were bone dry.

Chippewa. Take your pic. Awesome boot. Awesome warranty. Though some models are no longer made in the USA and warrantied as such. They used to have a lifetime warranty. Now it's something like 5 years no questions asked. After that $15 to replace. Sturdy. Strong. Your feet and ankles will thank you later. Don't over look them. God Bless

From: TXHunter
I highly recommend the Schnee's, especially if it's a snow hunt.

From: KTH
I love the Kenetrek Hardscrabble boots.

From: Katahdin
Much would depend on the conditions. My Colorado hunt was in the snow and I used Schnees pack boots. If further south then a more ridged boot would be best.

From: bullelk
Listen to these guys and get pac boots; I wear the Schnees, too. Buy a spare set of insoles, and grease them well with good treatment, such as Montana Pitch Blend. You won't be sorry if you are in the snow for several days.

From: Steve
I am a houndsman and I wear Muck boots. They are light, warm and have high uppers so the snow stays out.


From: Skippy
Steve, Which mucks?


FullCryHounds's embedded Photo
FullCryHounds's embedded Photo
Josh, you'll be hunting with Josh and myself. Your boots will all depend on the country you are hunting. This is a picture of one of the ranches you'll be hunting. There is a lion bayed up towards the top of the picture. Around here, you want a boot with extremely good ankle support, typically a higher end boot like Kennetrek, Red Wings, Lowas, etc. They have to be waterproof and a good set of gators are a must.

I was also going to comment on getting a good set of gators is a must. Good luck!

From: Steve

Right now I have the Muck Masters. Although, I typically do not hunt as rugged terrain as FullCryHounds. If I was in that country often I would want a bit more ankle support, as he suggested.


Sweet! I will check out those boots. See you in a few weeks!

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