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Who's going to hunt El Indio?
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Ark Traveler 05-Jan-16
Dino 05-Jan-16
razorsharp 06-Jan-16
wild1 07-Jan-16
Dino 07-Jan-16
Three Fingers 08-Jan-16
ki-ke 12-Jan-16
Three Fingers 12-Jan-16
sharpstick 12-Jan-16
Dino 12-Jan-16
Buck Creek2 16-Jan-16
Buffalo1 16-Jan-16
From: Ark Traveler
Just wondering who is going down to hunt with Rob Keibler in January

From: Dino
The northern clan from Alberta is going...we had to sit this one out. Such a great trip there...can't wait til it's our turn again.

From: razorsharp
Great hunt!

From: wild1
Go for the food alone!

From: Dino
So true...go for any of it! Go for all of it!!! Incredible ranch, incredible hunt, incredible food, the list goes on... Had a change of plans here, plus a sweet offer from the northern clan...Sharpstick and I just might be heading south again...

The wife and I will be there from Feb.21st through the 24th. Hope the weather is good.

From: ki-ke
Just returned. Already set for next year. Write up to follow....

Standing by, Ki-Ke.

From: sharpstick
Well it looks like Dino and I are headed back there Feb 24...can't freakin wait, such a great place.

From: Dino
:) Few things are as much fun as bowhunting hogs in Texas, especially with Keebs!!! Northern and Southern Alberta will once again meet Texas! Can't wait.

From: Buck Creek2
I'll be making my 3rd trip back there in a couple of months! Words can't do Rob and the Cinco justice, it's something you have to see for yourself!

From: Buffalo1
Drycreek & I just returned 1/14. Followed Ki-Ke and his group.

Working on a thread to post soon.

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