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Moose wandering in Nebraska
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Huntcell 05-Jan-16
Paul@thefort 05-Jan-16
speedgoat 06-Jan-16
Blue Blood 06-Jan-16
coyote hunter 06-Jan-16
writer 06-Jan-16
Duke 06-Jan-16
LaughingWater 06-Jan-16
From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's Link
link to the article about moose wandering around Nebraska.

Never would imagine that. Wonder about the speculation that some come as far as Minnesota?

From: Paul@thefort
Near the Nebraska/Colorado line, while I was WT hunting along the South Platte River this year, a cow moose was spotted more that once. It was said to have wandered in from NW Nebraska.

My best, Paul

From: speedgoat
There was a small bullwinkle wandering around in the NW part of the state earlier this fall. I'm not sure where he ended up.

From: Blue Blood
A couple years ago a small bull made it about half way through the state of Iowa near where I live. Never heard much else about it after it got South of Cedar Rapids. Probably ended up in some guys freezer... I had heard that the brain worm they get was causing some wandering.

On one of the Whitetail Adrenaline dvd's they were hunting in Nebraska and filmed a bull moose.

From: writer
They can wander as far south as the Texas panhandle, but are pretty easily seen as they come and go.

The one that went to Texas ended up staying in Haskell County, the flattest part of Kansas. Talk about standing out like a sore thumb on five inch tall wheat.

From: Duke
"Apparently there were a lot of people hanging around out there trying to take selfies with it.” -Twenty years ago we would have all been scratching our heads wondering what the hell this even means?!

Good looking little Bullwinkle.

a few years ago there was one hit by a car in southern NY - within a few dozen miles of NYC if i remember correctly. Autopsy revealed brain worm or something which they said caused it to act strangely - like heading too far south into populated areas

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