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Idaho cougar with horns
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daleheth 07-Jan-16
kota-man 07-Jan-16
FullCryHounds 07-Jan-16
Pat Lefemine 10-Jan-16
Steve H. 11-Jan-16
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Bill in MI 11-Jan-16
From: daleheth
07-Jan-16 n-lion-with-bizarre-deformity-found-in- southeast-idaho/article_bf8320d4-3c5b-5546-ad7d- 91c1c702eb47.html?utm_medium=social

Anyone know more about this cougar with "horns"?

From: kota-man
Yeah, just read the thread titled "Wild Looking Cat"...

Not horns. It is a portion of a jaw. Those are teeth. I believe it is called a parasitic twin.

From: Pat Lefemine
That is nasty

From: Steve H.
It had a conjoined fetus. Where's ole' Ben Carson and his surgery kit when you need him?

From: LBshooter
So did the hunter need two tags ? ?? so the question is, if it were your trophy would you have it mounted with the extra set of chompers or have the taxi get rid of them? cougars make beautiful mounts and I would have them removed.

From: Bill in MI
Is there a non-typ category in P&Y and B&C?

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