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Barefoot 09-Jan-16
AZ~Rich 11-Jan-16
prezboys 12-Jan-16
wild1 12-Jan-16
AZ~Rich 14-Jan-16
Scotty 18-Jan-16
AZ~Rich 18-Jan-16
Barefoot 01-Feb-16
Hey you guys, I will be at the following shows for 2016

Greenbay Sport Show 26-28 Feb

Milwaukee Sport Show 2-6 March

ISE Salt Lake City Show 17-20 March

Will be nice to meet some off you guys!!

Safe travels!

From: Barefoot
Thank you Sir!

From: AZ~Rich
How about coming on down to Tucson Reon? Would be nice to warm up after all that cold weather! Plus it would be great to see you.

From: prezboys
Is Merelize van der Merwe traveling with you guys to the shows?????

From: wild1
SCI Vegas...?

AZ Rich would have been nice but coming back with clients... prezboys I don't know no shes not traveling with me.. wild1 I will love to do the SCI Vegas show and Dallas SCI but I'm not getting a spot fast...still putting in every year for a booth but no luck yet!!!! I'm a SCI live member but that also not help a lot..

From: AZ~Rich
Reon we'll have to go over to SCI headquarters here in Tucson to get that situation straightened out ...right? ??

Yes PLEASE!!!! We will need to work something out!!

From: Scotty

Scotty's embedded Photo
Scotty's embedded Photo
Reon I have the snowmobiles all filled with gas, we have some nice dry -12 weather today, so everything is set. See you soon! Time to start wearing shoes again. Hee Hee

From: AZ~Rich
Reon, I checked and looks like submitting for a booth needs to be done about a year out. So you need to submit now for 2017.

P.S It was 23 degrees C (73 F here today!

From: Barefoot
Rich I will try again this year! Eric....I got some new shoes...hehehehehehehehe See you soon!!

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