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California Mountain Lions
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T Mac 17-Jan-16
IdyllwildArcher 17-Jan-16
Charlie Rehor 17-Jan-16
T Mac 17-Jan-16
kota-man 17-Jan-16
Ziek 17-Jan-16
JohnB 17-Jan-16
Medicinemann 17-Jan-16
Jaquomo 18-Jan-16
Matt 18-Jan-16
Dave 18-Jan-16
GotBowAz 18-Jan-16
elkmtngear 18-Jan-16
From: T Mac
60 minutes is doing a story on it tonight.

You'll have to suffer Sean Penn to get to the Mt Lion story.

I just saw both segments and can confirm the Country is indeed in dire straits! Seems the mountain lions need a bridge over a 10 lane highway because there is too much interbreeding. My my!

From: T Mac
Yes Sean Penn is a freak! Interesting piece on the small range the mountain lions have in Santa Monica Mountains nearby homes and parks.

From: kota-man
That bridge over the 10 lane would be an awesome "pinch point".

From: Ziek
I like the idea of a bridge to encourage cougars to move into the southern California 'burbs. Maybe we can get them to reintroduce wolves in Hollywood, too.

From: JohnB
Not one mention of their attacks on people or the fact that you can't hunt them so they have lost any fear of humans...only how cute they are!

From: Medicinemann
I'm betting that there's enough "cougars" in Southern California already.....

From: Jaquomo
They mentioned there was "plenty of prey" but not what that prey was. I haven't spent a lot of time right there, and when I was it was mostly in Beverly Hills, but I don't recall many deer in the Hollywood hills.

From: Matt
We used to do family Thanksgiving at the LA Country Club and there were deer on the golf course.

From: Dave
I love the idea of f---ing up SoCal traffic for months on end while they build an overpass for a stupid cat. It would be sweet payback for the absurd mountain lion referendum that SoCal had a big part in voting in.

they could dart some and move them east. apparently no cougars live on the other side on the Ohio River.

From: GotBowAz

The DNR did introduce some in Michigan a few years back without letting the population know it. After the Cats killed a some horses the word got out. They no longer have mountain lions there and they dont want them.

From: elkmtngear
Yeah, So Cal urban lions are on a steady diet of puppies and kitties. They probably won't include that part.

Studies have shown that they can take up to 50 liberals per year !

Best of Luck, Jeff

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