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Shiloh Ranch Hog Hunt Video
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Buffalo1 20-Jan-16
Drahthaar 20-Jan-16
INbowdude 20-Jan-16
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Tradman and Huntress's Link
We want to share this video with you all from a hunt this weekend. This is Braden with another great video he produced. Congratulations Braden, Lucas, Frank, Greg, Angelo and Chad. We always enjoy seeing you folks and sharing our camp with you. I hope we get to share many more hunts together in the future!

- Matt and Cheryl

From: Buffalo1
Good video. Nicely done.

From: Drahthaar
Good video. thanks for sharing. Forrest

From: INbowdude
Ah that brings back some great memories! Come on Feb. Less than a month!

From: Family Man
It brings back some good memories and keeps me looking forward to more! Great video!

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