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Nevada Turkey
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Hey guys. There were only two threads total on the Nevada state page, so i figured i'd come here to try and get some info.

I just found out that i may have to go on a business trip in April to las vegas to the international door association convention. I am not super excited about going to vegas, BUT, i have always had a desire to hunt Merriams or Rio Grande turkeys(mostly merriams). I never envision myself really getting out that far west to be able to hunt them, so, this seems like the perfect way to be able to do it. My questions are, A) what is the hunting like in Nevada for turkeys B) what is required to do so C) is there decent hunting opportunity near Vegas, and would need to be public ground as i have no connections out there or do i need to look elsewhere in the state D) are 2 or so days an ok amount of time to get a good hunting experience in, or do i need to figure more time. E) Should i look at a nearby state for a little better opportunity or is Nevada all the farther i need to look. The convention runs from Wednesday through saturday, so in order to keep the stay away from the family to a minimum, i am hoping to be able to get what im looking for in 2 or so days(hoping nevada will do so i dont waste any of those days traveling). Also, i did research briefly and i think i remember seeing that Nevada is on a draw basis? In PA here, we dont do a draw, so i am unfamiliar with that process or timelines. I am planning to do some more research, and i know i am behind the 8 ball here, but i just found out today that i have to go to this thing, so i am trying to make it a little more worthwhile... I know we have a tremendous amount of ppl with tons of great info, and thats why i started my search here. Thanks in advance for ANY help!

Application deadline is Feb 2.

From: Tilzbow

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Not much opportunity but the attached link has everything you need except for a unit map.

From: oldgoat
If there are any within a few hundred miles of Vegas they will be on mount Charleston or whatever it's called and you have better odds at keno than drawing a Turkey tag in Nevada. Most are in far northern Nevada and it basically was landowner tags only where I killed mine, worked my butt off for several weeks for a farmer to get my tag. That was like 16 or17 years ago but I don't think it's changed much. The couple of wma's that had them were even harder to get tags for!

From: waj
I agree with old goat. I grew up in Northern Nevada and have not EVER seen a wild turkey in Nevada. Currently though, my brother in law, draws a tag every 2 years and is lucky enough to have some special access that he can't even get me on.

If it were me I would spend my money at "the Ranch"

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