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Should I try rechargeable batteries?
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From: BTM
Buying regular batteries for my FoxPro varmint call gets pretty expensive after a while (not to mention disposing of batteries), so I'm contemplating buying rechargeables and a charger. Trouble is, I've never been too impressed with rechargeables, i.e., their ability to hold enough juice for more than two stands (even less in cold weather), nor the ability to hold ANY charge after a year or so.

Can you recommend a brand of batteries and/or charger that have worked well for you? Thanks!

From: Pat Lefemine
I used Duracell rechargeable batteries in my primos caller but I would recharge every night. This worked fine and I'd get about 6-8 sets before there was any sign of power loss.

Rechargeable batteries do suck. I won't run them in my trail cams.

I also never had much luck with rechargeables in trail cams.

From: jims
Energizers work great for me! I use them in cameras, flashligts etc. Not sure about sure about super cold conditions...if any batteries last in those conditions? I think rechargeables are definitely worth it!

From: oldgoat
One thing I've noticed on most of the rechargers I've used, just because the light turned green, it doesn't mean the battery charged as fully as it could have! I had some that the charger would turn green in like twenty minutes, those batteries would last about two hours in my GPS, leave them on there an hourish and they would last all day!

From: wildan
Some of the inexpensive chargers do not have a automatic shut off and over charge and ruin batteries. I run rechargeables quite a bit and have had good luck with Engergizers.

From: Mark Watkins
Rechaegeables suck, lithiums rock (and rock the bank)!


I have had good luck with NIMH batteries in my cameras. I do carry spares but they save a lot of money if you take a lot of pictures.

From: Woods Walker
Learn to call with your mouth or using a mouth call. WAAAY cheaper, and more reliable.

If nothing else you'll have a dependable back up for when the battery powered call fails again.

From: drycreek
Again, I guess I'll be the odd man out. I use about half and half rechargeable and throwaway batteries in my trail cams and I have no problem with rechargeable batteries. Of course, I don't have the extended cold temps that y'all do in the North. I don't remember what's in my Primos caller, but I think I will just go check and change, 'cause it's about time to do some calling.............

From: smarba
I'm getting ready to switch also. Friend uses Tenergy 2200ma rechargables in his FoxPro. Claims they will last well over 2-days of calling (full weekend hunt) and not even show sign of decrease.

He uses a charger that automatically shuts off to not overcharge.

From: CurveBow
NiMh - niockel metal hydride rechargeable batteries are available in different MaH - milliampere hours. Try buying them from a alrge photo/camera place. They likely have different ones. Chargers are also available that charge 8 AA batteries at a time and have a bar graph to represent the strength of each battery; plus they have a button to "cycle" the battery by discharging it then charging it back up. It may be useful for the off season. Some years back, I bought a lot of them to use in camera flashes shooting weddings. I did not like them. When they ran low, they were useless whereas alkaline and lithium would cycle more slowly but didn't flat out die like that. Basically, all 3 have different cycle of use curves.

I eventually settled on Lithium as I could shoot almost 1,000 shots using flash and they were still going. After 400 the rechargeables would be flat out dead.

I did try them in my trail cameras of the day; home built using Olympus digital cameras in a case with a board I bought. In that usage, they totally sucked. Many times they did not last a day. I have not tried them with the newer cameras I have. With my newer cameras using 8 AA lithium batteries. I have gotten thousands of photos and cameras have run for 6 months straight without a change! But, they are expensive.

From: Bake
Nice post. Timely for me.

Has anyone tried the FoxPro rechargeables?

I've just had my FoxPro a week, but was a little surprised that batteries didn't last very long in the caller itself. Transmitter batteries haven't been a problem.

I've really enjoyed this call. I got to where I wasn't predator hunting at all, because those dang mouth calls hurt my ears. The fun is back in it now for me though :)

From: TD
I use lith 18650's in my flashlights and electronics recharge packs. awesome.

Rechargeable AAs and such.... normally Nicad.... normally suck....

From: BTM
"Learn to call with your mouth or using a mouth call. WAAAY cheaper, and more reliable. If nothing else you'll have a dependable back up for when the battery powered call fails again."

Yes, I know it's cheap and reliable. I always carry and use a mouth call as needed, but also having an electronic call/decoy a hundred yards away has probably doubled my kills (because the predator is focused on the call instead of me).

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