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Met Leo van Rooyen today
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Bushwacker 23-Jan-16
Venture South 19-Apr-16
From: Bushwacker
Had the honor and privelege to meet a PH this evening named Leo van Rooyen. He's a PH for the BIG 5 but also guides for plains game. He was born and raised in South Africa and still resides there, though he hunts all over the continent, and focuses a lot of his hunts in Botswana. Super nice man, he shared a lot of information with my daughter and I and again, it was an honor and privelege to share the dinner table with him for an hour or so as he was passing through Texas.

Bushwacker Leo is without a doubt one of the best PH's in Africa. I know he has several 90+ lbs Elephant in his past and if I remember correctly a 100lbs+ Elephant taken with a bow.

Top class hunter and a great guy too. Big thumbs up here

Have a look at his website

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