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buy tags over the counter what area?
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bearbaiter 24-Jan-16
Bowfreak 24-Jan-16
ahunter55 24-Jan-16
Paul@thefort 24-Jan-16
Dakota 24-Jan-16
bearbaiter 25-Jan-16
From: bearbaiter
HI all,

just wanted to ask in what area's can you just buy a over the counter tag for a pronghorn. i'm from manitoba canada so i'd be a non resident. i heard wyoming but wasn't sure, i could look into each view states but thought id ask and narrow down my searches. Thanks

From: Bowfreak

Many of the units in eastern Wyoming will have leftover tags available. There is public land to hunt but that area comprises of a bunch of private ranches.

From: ahunter55
N.W. South Dakota, no draw & can get online.

From: Paul@thefort

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Colorado has OTC pronghorn tags. Check their Website, ie, Big Game Brochure , for more info.


From: Dakota

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If you need any help in Northwest South Dakota give me a shout and I'll be glad to give you a hand.

From: bearbaiter

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dakota, maybe you want to exchange some hunts.. check my link out as well.

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