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2016 Sheep Show Rocked!
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From: NvaGvUp
Wow, what a show! I hardly know where to start.

The attendance was beyond expectations and every single event was up significantly in registrations and attendance.

We were selling tickets for the <1 Club at an unbelievable rate. When it came time for the beer bash/drawing, there were 800-900 people in the room!

The Ladies Lunch had a huge turnout and as always, those ladies had a blast.

The RAM awards were terrific and Tom Foss, the committee chair, clearly raised the bar, esp. by including personal comments on every award winner and his or her hunt and achievements. That really added a nice touch.

The Life Members' Breakfast blew us away. When I arrived at the room where the breakfast was being held @ 6:45 AM, I was freaking out when I learned how many tickets had been sold. We'd been hoping we might hit 400 and maybe even get to 425 if we got really lucky. So imagine our surprise when we learned we were at 499 and counting! The room was only set for 425, so the hotel added a few more tables, bringing the seating to 496. In addition to those 499, we had another dozen or so folks who wanted tickets standing patiently outside the door until everyone was seated, in hopes there might be a few seats still available. On Friday afternoon, we'd actually run out of tickets! But Gray said, "Hand write some out and we'll let them in." Very cool!

We'd only ordered 400 'table favors' and the hotel was only preparing breakfast for 425. Hence my concerns. "Where are they all going to sit?" "How can we feed 499 when we were planning for 425 at most?" "Are those who don't get table favors and maybe don't even get breakfast going be upset?"

Fortunately, it all worked out. Everyone got breakfast and no one complained about waiting in the buffet lines for a half-hour or more. In some ways, the whole thing actually turned out to be a positive thing. Everyone seemed to understand the issue and were actually excited that WSF members have so much enthusiasm and WSF has so much momentum that it created such a 'problem.'

When it came time for the sheep hunt drawing, unbelievably the first five names drawn were not present and therefore not eligible to win! After the first 'not present' name was drawn, Gray said to the crowd, "Sucks to be him," which brought a large laugh from everyone.

Finally, a name was drawn and the person was in the room. The winner was a guy from Idaho in his mid-fifties, and he went absolutely bonkers when he realized he'd won! He couldn't stop whooping and jumping up and down. The crowd was really happy for him and cheering him on. What made it even cooler was at the Wednesday night dinner, he'd gotten up on the stage with his girlfriend, got down on one knee and proposed to her. She said, "Yes!"

In addition to what we raised for sheep, we also raised a huge amount of money for our Wounded Warriors, which was very cool.

Our raffles smashed all records and our Youth Wildlife Conservation Experience hosted an amazing 1,300+ kids from northern Nevada!

I met a number of Bowsiters, which is always one of the highlights of The Sheep Show for me.

Hey, btw, Tom! You STILL owe me a beer! LOL!

From: TXHunter
Sounds great!

From: mn_archer
That guy from Idaho is George T. Law. Great guy and he takes sheep hunting pretty seriously and has a house full of sheep to back it up



Awesome for WSF and Putting Sheep on The Mountain

Good luck, Robb

From: deerhaven
Thanks Kyle and Tom for all the effort you put in to make this so great. Wife daughter and I had a great time Still trying to get home cause of flight delay but it was still great!

From: Trial153
sounds like a great time

From: Bigpizzaman
It was a Blast!! Didn't spend too much!! LOL

From: NvaGvUp

Glad you liked it.

Your beautiful daughter, Michelle, stopped by the Membership booth on Saturday wanting to volunteer to help us out at the 2017 Sheep Show!

From: deerhaven
Thanks for the compliment Kyle. We try to raise her right.

From: NvaGvUp
I only talked with her for a few minutes, Mike, but from what I could tell, you've done a great job. She was polite, enthusiastic, and very interested in helping us out.

BTW, I've not seen you in ages, but I owe you a big "Thank You" as well. You were one of the referrals I called when I was considering doing a hunt with Tony Russ and you were the first sheep bowhunter I ever met. That was at the 2000 Sheep Show and you went out of your way to tell me what I needed to know and then introduce me to other hard core bowhunters,

That was my first sheep hunt and it not only got me hooked on sheep hunting, it also got me very interested in getting involved with wild sheep conservation.

From: huntmaster
Def a good time!!

Good seeing a bunch of guys that I first met at P&Y only a few months ago and then meeting a number of new guys this trip. Being a first time attendee to both the P&Y and Sheep show this past year, the people have impressed me the most. You would think I've known you guys forever. If anyone is ever questioning going to the shows, just do it. I went solo both trips and have met so many people it is crazy.

Thanks to everyone who let the new guy from MI join in the conversations over the past year and the extended help when asking about outfitters. Also, thanks to everyone putting the show on because without you there wouldn't be a place to network so well.

From: deerhaven
To Kyle and Scott and all the rest of the serious bowhunters on this site. It is amazing how the presence of bowhunters has grown since the 80's when I first went to the shows and there was not even any separate awards for sheep with archery equipment. I encourage any of you that have even thought about attending any of these shows to do so. You will be surprised at the value in knowledge you will walk away with. It has truly been priceless to me IMHO I have met some of my best friend's at these shows. It's pretty amazing when you are around that many people that all share your same passion's!

From: NvaGvUp
Exactly, Mike.

If you were at the RAM awards, you saw a whole bunch of the most experienced and committed bowhunters in the world, all chatting with each other, sharing information and exchanging hunt stories. That's just what they do during the entire convention.

From: Zackman

You are correct about how great the conventions are put on by WSF and P&Y. Anyone who goes to those shows will attest to that.

Lots of conservation organizations get my money, WSF and P&Y get my time!

From: kota-man
And in Zack's case, WSF and P&Y get his time but the Peppermill gets a TON of his money. :)

I'll echo all the comments above. Another great show in the books. Loved visiting with all the Bowsiter's that I've met previously and a whole bunch of new ones.

I, like Scott, went to my first couple of shows alone and now 5 years later it is like old home week. The friendships I've made at the shows alone is WELL worth the price of admission. The networking with outfitters is also invaluable. Look forward to the shows more and more every year. If you are going to go to one show every year, WSF is the one for me with P&Y a close second. (but that one is every other year)

KUDOS to all of those involved for making WSF one of the finest shows on earth.

From: wkochevar
I will echo all the previous comments...being a rookie attendee it was a whirlwind of activity and one hell of a good time. I met lots of new people but to tell you the truth have no idea whether they are bowsiters or not...didn't ask. It would be nice to maybe have a Bowsite get-together at the next one?? BTW, Kyle, sorry I didn't have the chance to meet you but hopefully next time...and Congrats on your 2 ram awards....I thought that was one of the better presentations of the weekend. Foss's conservative political one-timers were great, that guy could do standup. Good Times!!

From: Cajunarcher
Totally agree everything was what I hoped for! Had a blast meeting new friends . This show really gave me more motivation than what I had already . Looking forward to next year cause I'll definitely be back!!

From: Quick Draw 1
Ditto, ditto, ditto, to all the comments as well.

Kyle, you were right on point about the quality of the show. As a first time attendee, all I can say is that my wife and I will definitely be back. Not only did I make some great new friends, but she did as well. I'd like to say publicly that not only were you a wonderful, gracious host to new friends at your table, but you also put on one heck of a Sheep Shape Seminar. It was great to finally see it in person. The only real problem I have now is that my wife actually knows what sheep hunts cost! Looking forward to the next one. Alan

From: NvaGvUp

"I'd like to say publicly that not only were you a wonderful, gracious host to new friends at your table, but you also put on one heck of a Sheep Shape Seminar."

Dang you! You've just gone and ruined my reputation! LOL!

You and your wonderful bride were great guests and we were honored to have you join us.

We'll do it again next year, and as I'll be off of the Board due to term limits, should have a lot more time to interact with folks, meet old friends and make new ones.

From: Matt
This year was definitely the best sheep show I have been to. I couldn't count the people I've met on Bowsite I ran into on one hand...or both for that matter. Pretty cool.

From: NVBighorn
It was a great show and great time. Thanks Kyle for all you guys do.

I heard I missed some excitement on Saturday night. Somebody bought an expensive dog?

From: NvaGvUp
I'd say so! $50,000!

The ultimate in family security, but no doubt the price reflected the fact Wounded Warriors Outdoors was the beneficiary of the sale.

From: NvaGvUp
I almost forgot to mention our speakers, the best of whom was our Saturday night speaker, Mark "OZ" Geist, he of "13 Hours" and Benghazi fame.

OZ is on a speaker's bureau, but refused to charge us because he knows of the work we do and wanted to support us.

To say he was riveting would be an understatement!

From: mn_archer
Look up the website from those dogs. They are valued at something like 75-80k! In their first year they get over 2000 hours of training.

What breed was this particular dog?


Here is a Teaser of what some of the tags Auctioned for

Alberta's Minister Mule Deer Permit - $23,000.00

Arizona Gov Antelope Tag - $40,000.00

Kulane First Nation Dall Tag -55,000.00

Wyoming Statewide Moose - $26,000.00

Washington Cali Bighorn Sheep Tag -$150,000.00

Cali Desert Bighorn Tag -$165,000.00

Navajo Nation Sheep Tag $35,000.00

Montana Bighorn Sheep Tag - $305,000.00

Taos Pueblo Rocky Sheep Tag -$ 135,000.00

Utah Dirty Devil -$57,500.00

Arizona Desert Sheep Tag -$380,000.00

Wyoming Rocky Tag -$70,000.00

14 Day Dalls Sheep and Grizzly Bear -$62,500.00

Oregon Bighorn Sheep -$95,000.00

Colorado Rocky Sheep Tag -$95,000.00

Alaska Chugach Dall Sheep -$125,000.00

New Mexico Rocky Sheep Tag -$140,000.00

Nevada Nelson Desert Sheep -$95,000.00

Alberta Minister Bighorn Sheep -$120,000.00

Idaho Bighorn Sheep Tag -$90,000.00

New Mexico Desert Sheep -$177,500.00

Good luck, Robb

From: Earltex
I've been to many sheep shows and , without a doubt, this was the best one yet. You did a great job Kyle with your contributions. The Foss pack also made a great contribution to the show. Tom's awards ceremony dialogue was priceless. It's good to see an organization like WSF do so well..

From: NvaGvUp
Thanks for the accolades guys. We appreciate them and I've passed them on to the WSF team.

We hope to do even better next year!

From: Mad Trapper
Just got back yesterday. The sheep show was excellent and just keeps getting better. Kudos to Jim, Kyle and the other directors and staff. My only regret is that I didn't get to see everybody. Completely missed Mark and did not get to BS with Cory, Bill or Kyle. Kyle I still owe you that beer and maybe 2!

From: NvaGvUp

Glad you liked it. Next year we'll be giving away a Desert BHS hunt at the Life Members' Breakfast!

As for the beer, yeah, 2. Interest, 'late fees' and all that. ;^)

From: Mark Watkins
This was only my second Sheep Show (2015 and 2016).

Here are my takeaways:

#1: Great people that you enjoy spending time with.

#2: An incredible conservation machine that is efficient at delivering dollars raised to put more sheep on the mountain. I talked to Gray and he said 87% goes back of every dollar raised and they plan on increasing that percentage.

#3: If you want to talk to and interview outfitters in the sheep/goat world, this is the best of the best.

#4: Professionally ran organization... Every single aspect of the events, auctions, dinners is organized, on time and well thought out!

Kudos and thank you to the WSF Leadership Team....I look forward to 2017's convention!


From: NvaGvUp
Thank you, Mark.

One correction. The number is 78%, not 87%.

Organizations that rate charities consider 70% to be an A+ rating. 78% is almost unheard of and we're justifiably very proud of that.

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