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Florida turkey hunting
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Lone Wolf 25-Jan-16
Florida Mike 25-Jan-16
Lone Wolf 26-Jan-16
Zbone 26-Jan-16
bigswivle 26-Jan-16
swampokie 27-Jan-16
From: Lone Wolf
I might be heading to Florida to take my nephew turkey hunting this spring. I normally hunt Eastern's. What advise do you have for Osceola's? How is the public land around Gainesville and Ocala? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

From: Florida Mike
Public gets hammered. I would still hunt it though, you might get lucky an stumble across a bird that hasn't been bothered. Mike

From: Lone Wolf
Thanks Mike. Any other suggestions?

From: Zbone
Heard ya had to hunt a little further south, south below Orlando to kill a "true" Osceola...

From: bigswivle
Usually less is more with Osceola's, especially if you're hunting pressured birds. Try and get as close to the roost as you can in case they go silent when they hit the ground. Don't know much about the public land around Gainesville and Ocala but Zbone is right, get south of I4 if you want a true Osceola. good luck

From: swampokie
Ocala nf closed to turkey hunting and most all the public ground north of Orlando is draw only

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