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Sad story of a passed Sheep hunter
Wild Sheep
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huntingbob 25-Jan-16
pav 26-Jan-16
BULELK1 26-Jan-16
CurveBow 26-Jan-16
HUNT MAN 26-Jan-16
cityhunter 26-Jan-16
Jim in PA 26-Jan-16
Schism 09-Feb-16
Mark Watkins 09-Feb-16
From: huntingbob
Darrel L Moberly passed Oct 21 2015. I did not know this till I got my copy of the RMBS magazine. He was one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. I met him and his wife wile delivering to them at my job at UPS. I was blessed to be invited into there home and see all of the trophies that made his living room look like a place to discover! I was told all of the stories of all of the hunts by his graceful wife while he was getting a shower. When he came out it was so much for me like a kid listening to a parent. This man was such a good person and accomplished so much! He was a triple slammer and when I would drive by I remember him working in the garden and always a pleasure to talk to. The last time I saw him he was sending off Visa stuff so he and his wife could vacation Russia. They showed me trophies taken from countries I never heard of. Good man and wife and thought of it worthy to share. 1933- 2015. Great guy to have met and hear his stories.

From: pav
Nice tribute.

May Mr. Moberly rest in peace.

It was a very good read.


Good luck, Robb

From: CurveBow
Nice write up. Thanks for sharing.



We are slowly losing this generation of men. They paved the way for a lot of what we do now. Thanks for posting and RIP . Hunt

From: cityhunter
RIP glad he lived life !

From: Jim in PA
I remember him from some of the earlier GSCO conventions. Sounds like he led a life full of adventure. It was nice that he included you in his tales of travel. I too lost an older friend right before Christmas. I was lucky to go on several hunts with him before his health failed. I always liked hearing of his early sheep hunts. I used to laugh when he told me about $4,000 Stone Sheep hunts. You have to love them old guys. They were inspirations to so many of us without ever knowing it.

From: Schism
Very nice tribute!

From: Mark Watkins
incredible inspiration! Members of the greatest generation!

Thanks for posting this up huntingbob...


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