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east coast hog hunts
Contributors to this thread:
leo17 26-Jan-16
bghunter 26-Jan-16
brantman 27-Jan-16
Ollie 27-Jan-16
Bowfreak 27-Jan-16
huntr4477 27-Jan-16
drkauffman 27-Jan-16
leo17 27-Jan-16
deerman406 28-Jan-16
Fuzzy 28-Jan-16
From: leo17
My dad wants to kill a couple hogs this winter. Any recommendations within 12 hours of NY? we want to drive.


From: bghunter
My guess is your best bet will be TN or south carolina

From: brantman
hawgsrus in chesterfield south carolina

From: Ollie
It really depends on whether you want to hunt free roaming hogs or are willing to hunt hogs in fenced in areas. For a realistic chance at a free roaming hog with no fences you need to travel to South Carolina, Georgia, or Florida. Plenty of good places in Tennessee and elsewhere to hunt hogs in fenced in areas.

From: Bowfreak

Is Hawgsrus set up for bowhunting?

From: huntr4477
also good hog hunts in North Carolina,along the Neuse River.check out T and M Hunting. It would be an easy drive for you,only about a mile off of I-95. We are heading down there in mid March.


From: drkauffman
For a fenced place Mountain Meadow in West Virginia was fun!

From: leo17
thanks Guys. I have made some calls and hope something pans out

From: deerman406
South Carolina along the Waccama(Sp?)There are some very good WMA's along that river and plenty of hogs. Shawn

From: Fuzzy
within 12 hours of NY, free range, is gonna be a tough one.

Decent DIY free range success rate is gonna be low.

If you want to drive further there are some great outfitter hunts in Fl, and there are some good, honest preserve (not "pigpen") hunts in Tennessee

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