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Kuiu Nahanni Bute sheep hunt
Wild Sheep
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From: idacurt
Thought you would enjoy this sheep hunt.

From: Kevin Dill
I really did enjoy that video. Thanks Curt.

From: JM

JM's embedded Photo
JM's embedded Photo
Great video!

It brings back a lot of good memories. I killed my ram with Nahanni Butte in the Liards. It is a shame that no one else will get to experience hunting in those mountains.


From: Sapcut
Really nice.

From: Griz34
Amazing country! I just wish they would have at least tried to do it with archery equipment. Especially in an area like that. They did do an amazing job capturing the hunt on video however.

From: wkochevar
What a sweet video!! Just fans the fire to hunt a sheep

From: Mark Watkins
JM, It is my understanding that they were able to keep the of the premier archery Dall areas in NA.


From: JM

That is good news!


From: Quick Draw 1
That video really hit home with me as well. I was fortunate to be there at the same time, and arrowed a really nice sheep in an area that will never be hunted again. Given how remote it was, it will likely never even be walked on again by humans.... Really puts it in perspective. One thing i noticed in the video really speaks to the class of Jim and his guides. If you noticed right after Brendan shoots his sheep, there are other nice sheep around, and Jason asks about one of them. The response from the guide is that "it's too young." So even though they are losing the area, and will never hunt sheep there again, they are still only interested in taking truly mature sheep. To me, that shows a lot of class on the part of Jim and his guide team.

When I hunted the Liards with Cam, Clay and Jim in 2005 it was the area they took only archery hunters. A "once in a lifetime experience' for sure! RIP Cam!!!

From: Rock
I was the 4th Bowhunter to take a Ram out of there back in July 1983 when Greg Williams had the area. We backpacked in 35 miles which took a day and a half, what a assume hunt. My partner killed his Ram the first day and I got my on the 4th day. Wrote a story on that hunt and Bowhunter Mag printed it that was another great experience connected with that hunt.

Back in the 80's and 90's, prehelicopter,the Liards were incredibly tough to get into, the only bush plane airstrips were at either end of the mountain range. Rock, you guys must have been in fantastic shape to only take a day and a half to get into the sheep! I guided a mix of helicopter and plane dall sheep bowhunts over 6 years in the 90's. Awesome area, it is great that it is being protected from development by making it a park but a shame that noone can hunt it. Just means that no people will even hike it, photo tourists rarely get off the river.

Great video.

They could have shown the follow up shot on the 2nd sheep and it wouldn't have taken anything away from the video. I think I understand why they didn't, but I'd have rather seen it as it was part of the hunt.

From: geoffp
Guys, I spoke with Jim Lancaster at Nahanni Butte about this, since I am booked to hunt with them next year. He stated that he still has the Liards. Figured I'd pass on. - Geoff

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